Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ooh my aching back....

Yesterday, from 9:00am to 9:30pm, we moved my Grandpa into an Assisted Living place -not to be confused with a nursing home, an assisted living pretty much gives you a mini house attached to an expensive hotel lobby, fancy and healthy meals prepared by chefs, and a nurse on stand-by round the clock in case of needed assistance.  The "lobby"/living room is complete with over-struffed couches and armchairs, a ginormous fireplace, a concert grande piano{!} that anyone is aloud to play{Me. :D}, and a patio/garden out back.
  All-in-all, pampered living :)

I know it was really hard for Grandpa to leave the old house; the one where he and Grandmum had lived for 16 years together until a month ago. Many, many memories surround that house on the edge of town.
 My Grandmum was an amazing painter, she taught me oils for several years, her art used to decorate the walls back at the old house, and now hangs in Grandpa's new abode along with around twenty other pictures of grandchildren, his parents, and old family portraits taken before grandchildren ever came along, and of course the Crucifix on the wall above one of the windows.

Then we moved in the furniture. I said this many times yesterday but I'll say it again, old furniture is heavy furniture! His favorite chair is an old electric massage chair, and let me tell you that thing must be close to 200+ pounds. Oi. Thank heavens their weren't any stairs.

Grandpa didn't really want to move at all because of the house, but he needed more care than we can give. I was praying all that he would love his new place and have yet to hear either yea or nay.

 I'm setting up a deal with the head ladies at the AL to maybe come in once a week or so and play violin and piano for the residents and staff. It would mean digging up more old songs and learning new ones, but I should anyway. Maybe it will also make Grandpa want to stay a little more. I guess I'll just keep praying :)

Tomorrow is Mummy's birthday! And as a treat I think we're taking her to a resort in the Hills. And hopefully we girls{my cousins, aunt, sister, Mum, and I} can go to the place where they take professional 1870's photo shoots! They have all the old fashioned clothes and hats and fans and what-not, as well as a variety of different sets{ a parlor w/ piano and tea things, an old bar :P, etc} Should be completely awesome! I'm very excited! But I need to go...


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