Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Gana is the filly afore mentioned in my little "talk" with Cilla. I really, really, really want her to be in the story, but I'm afraid she might take the spotlight and Cilla away from Skyrian{post on him coming later}. :/ That's a battle I'll have to work out soon. Hmph. But anyway, here she is...

In my story Gana's breed is unique to the Annoadcappal, or the Annoad, a league of secret specially trained horsemen who keep to themselves but yet have changed the course of Ithreal's{the country} history, perhaps even the world's at one point.
 Jealously guarded bloodlines and decades of perfecting the breed have produced a fast, loyal, intelligent, strong horse with incredible endurance. In this world, they are known as Quarter Horses.

Gana's coloring is smoky dun - a brownish to grey dun.
This is what she may look like in a few years


  1. Wow, she's beautiful! I think it would be okay to have her in the story as well as Skyrian. If you've ever read the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley, it's a good example. In that, Sam rides and owns a horse named Ace, who is pretty near to her heart. But the spotlight is really on a mustang stallion whom she used to own when she was little.

  2. Okay, thanks! I guess I'll writer her in and when I review the book, see if I should keep her :)