Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finishing what I began Sunday

Alright. Last post I dashed off quite abruptly and so I shall now continue - perhaps with more depth than would have been covered that day - the rest of the update.

  I spoke of Ez and how I'm going to begin working with him - starting tonight! And then was interrupted by a rather large toad. Well, I'm afraid I didn't get any pictures like I promised, we had to let him go and I couldn't find the camera. Drat.On

 Ah, yes! The reason I dashed off: I went to "The Prince of Persia" with two of my friends - one I had seen every day the previous week, and one I had not seen in three years.
 The movie itself wasn't bad, for being based on a video game. It had a story line. The palaces were lovely eye candy, though, Persia wasn't very Persian. And for an empire that existed before the Egyptian rule, they were very advanced, I mean, I had thought that cross-bow weren't invented until around 1070's -1100 A.D. And I had no idea Persia had access to Freisian horses - I breed, might I add, that wasn't developed until{speculated} the 6th century{and that was in Freisland}. Hm.
 However, if you are willing to over look the historical, geographical, and physical errors, and the fact that the Persian prince is played by a British{or American - I can't exactly recall} actor, this movie is quite enjoyable. Chock-full of action and stunts{some rather ridiculous}, ostrich racing{my favorite part btw :D}, impossible weapons, and, in my opinion, a helpless princess; if nothing else, this movie is a great one you can watch with all your history geek friends and ridicule all the inaccuracies :)

My rating: *** three stars
What that means for you: If you see it at the rental store on 99cent Monday go ahead and grab it. If you're wondering whether or not to pay $10 to see it at the cinema - save your money.

On with the rest...

My two cousins just flew in last night and will be here for a month or so{should be awesome!!} So I will not be posting frequently if at all.  My 2nd sister went down to visit them at home and see my 1st sister and help her get situated in her "new surroundings"; She flew up with my cousins and is going to help me start with Ez tonight.

I am also coming up on my 200th post in the very near future and I was thinking of doing a giveaway to celebrate. The only problem is what to giveaway? I don't know how many of you would be interested in a custom horsehair necklace. Anyone? Please comment.

And other than a few trivial things, I think that brings you up to speed on what's been going on and what might:) That's all for now. I must ring my cousins and see about meeting up soon.


  1. Horse LOVER and RIDERJune 13, 2010

    I would LOVE a horse hair necklace/bracelet.

  2. have fun with your cousins! i've never had my cousins over for a month before.

    congrats on your {almost} 200th post!

  3. I'd love a horsehair piece of jewelry as well :)

    Great review of Prince of Persia! Made me laugh - so insightful. :)