Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great news! I have great news!

 Some of you may remember this guy from over @WanderingStills -->
And for those of you that don't, this is E-z, and he belongs to some rather{*thinks of how to put it nicely} "thoughtless" people: They never take him out of his pen, the just got his feet trimmed after going without for a year and a half, they give him hay barely fit for cows, and his pen is so gross, he actually stands in almost a foot of manure! It's disgusting how they keep him! Such a sweetheart, too.
Well, you're asking, is this the good news??
This is:
    This weekend I got permission to exercise and work with him! Whoohoo!
 Yep, things are starting to brighten up for him. Yesterday my friend and I were trying to get to know him better and fed him handfuls of fresh grass; that got him excited :)

And.... Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! My little brother has just charged in with a gigantic toad!!!!!!!! Man, he's a fat one!! I'd say he's nearly 3 and a quarter inches tall sitting! His belly alone is nearly three sideways!
 There, I've put him in my trashcan{empty of course}. He's proceeding to climb out -- I've pushed him back. Op, now he's glaring at me. I think we'll name him George. :) Brother has gone to fetch his old newt tank. Hurry! He's making a spring for it!

Okay I've got to leave now -- I'll take pictures!! But I've got to catch a movie with a couple friends -- I'll have to update you some other time, I guess!


  1. He's a good-looking horse. :)

    I can't believe the way some people treat their animals. It's a) bad for the animal b) careless and c) means that they shouldn't OWN the animal. *sigh*

  2. Oooh I know it! I feel sorry for their dog, too. :(

  3. Ooh, poor horse! I felt so bad while reading about the way it is being treated. I am so glad that you have the ability to work with it so it doesn't have to always live that way. I am horried that people treat their pets that way!