Sunday, February 27, 2011

The frazzled quill

Title definition: 'Frazzled' is the perfect word I would use to describe my quill... if I wrote with one. Haggard. Smunched. Frayed. You get the idea.

I have discovered I can get no farther in TLOS until I have *gathp* organized my materials. Now, I have been writing this story on and off for three?  four years? without any sort of, um, system. I've pretty much jotted down what ever came into my head in the various notebooks that litter my room to this day, save for one master notebook that follows the story as it will be told... someday. In the past I have indeed taken a few steps toward an orderly writing desk; collecting all my photo references, scribbled lines, notes, and mostly empty notebooks into one vast binder. Well, this binder now weighs eight stinkin' pounds. In other words, if I chucked this thing at your car, it would leave a vaguely book-shaped dent.

 This still does not fix my organizing problem by a long shot. Because a) I hardly ever get this tome of information out, and b) when I do I have struggle for several minutes afterward just to get the zipper to close. Sitting on it is usually required.

So, in order to have a 'pleasant' access to all my reference materials, the past few days have be largely used to convert written snippets to computer pages and files.
 I'll warn you now: If any of you have a story you are writing by hand -- get copies on to your computer's desktop now. Don't wait until you have Mount Etna in the corner of your room!
because i can't stand a post without pictures :)

I am kinda-sorta about half way done, but golly has it been a journey! I'm finding bits and pieces that I would believe I'd written if it weren't for seeing the handwriting as my own.

Also, in organizing, I have forced myself to face a monster that has been plaguing me forever: The Plot. Of course I've always had an idea where my story was going... sort of. But I kept changing it and adjusting it, and even now it keeps growing extra limbs. Which is why I can go no farther until I get this figured out. So I'm in the process also of writing a detailed online of the entire first book {TLOS will eventually be a series}. I've got three pages down already with maybe three more to go.
 I'm excited because thing are really staring to shape up too! I've already cut out a lot of *sigh* unnecessary stuff, mainly the first three chapters *gasp-shrivel-die*, because Cilla being 'adopted' by nobles for unknown cause? Pfft. Out the window. I decided that aside from being extremely improbable {I could make it work if I tried, I suppose...} it's pretty much just 'fluff'; interesting twist and all, but really not relevant to the rest of the book.
 Besides, now I get to delve into Cilla's gypsy side. *claps hands* Very excited about that. Though, I do need some reference... Has anybody read a great gypsy/thief-ish book recently? Otherwise I'll just have to wing it for the first daft.
Ha. Winging it: Story of my life.


  1. I hope your plot and organizing works well. I hate plot! :(
    Good advice on the computer thing. You're the second person that has said that. And I wonder why I still haven't done it...;)

  2. I have to say, I chortled when I clicked on the link to write a comment and was met with "Oh! You're going to leave a comment? Happiness!"

    Anyhow, I was going to say that there is something very satisfying about the results of organization. And, too, I love going back through written sections in my notebooks. I use them one at a time, to avoid confusion, and carry that one with me just about all the time. There's something comforting about the presence of writing - mine or someone else's. ^.^

  3. Hehe yeah my least favorite part of writing I think. It seems when I have to focus on making a plot and organizing things that I lose my creative flow. It sounds like you're making some good progress so keep up the great work!

  4. Haha. I love this post. It's speaking straight to my writer's heart. :) Goode Lucke with the organization! You're inspiring me to do the same to my novel.

  5. Organization is one thing my writing has never had. Okay, well, I have certain "piles" of organized writing, but there are bits of pieces of all my writing projects everywhere so it's really only one step ahead of not being organized. ;)

    I have a novel I've been working on five, or six years, the way you're writing this one sounds just like I'm writing that one. I love it though, one of my first ever novels.

    Good luck with organizing, I would recommend listening to music while doing it, that always helps me. ;)