Thursday, February 10, 2011


I apologize for neglecting my blog. 
And my photography.
And my TLOS writing.
But I am horribly swamped at the moment trying to get things rolling for a new role play at my writing blog, Cleití, and straightening out a few hiccups it's been having while trying to hook all the new writers up. Phew.
I'm also too busy in real life with a music gig this weekend {opening for a concert, no less! ;)}, a surprise birthday party - maybe, and.... algebra. Uuuuuugh! Why? Why the xs and the ys and the x/y fractions and find this and solve for that?? What manner of things did I do when I was small?
 I guess this is just a rant post to tell you why Celtic Cowgirl has been silent for so long. Besides those brief videos and such. So I apologize and say to you that I will return eventually with something of interest! But for now, slán a fhágáil!

p.s. Ellyn I will answer your H.L. question - I haven't forgotten! I've just saved it on my dashboard as a reminder :)


  1. No worries! We will be here when you get back. Have fun!

  2. I know what you mean! I hate algebra! And I have a way to keep posting on your blog, you can schedule posts! It's so cool, so you don't have to post every day!

    STill Soaring,

  3. achieve1dream: You're a loyal friend :)

    Danielle: Hmm I forgot about that! I'll have to try it sometime {when I get time!}