Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Ah, for pen and parchment...

... with which to write."

Can you say, 'writing frenzy'? That's what I've been having! And I'm very excited about it :)
 My novel, which has been inert for a month or so, has suddenly exploded in my face -- in a good way. Ideas, details, and character growths are sprouting out of everything like -- like --weeds! And I mean everything; the movies I watch, the books I read, the paintings I see, the walks I take... Heck, even when I'm doing the grotty jobs I have inspirations {mostly about possible slave/forced labor in a character's future...}.
 Sadly, this brainstorm has not overlapped into the Blogger world.
"Spring is in the air, and I am a flower with nothing interesting to say." - A Bug's Life
 I feel completely null when I log on in the evenings.*sigh* Even for Cleití. So much so that I'm thinking about pulling out of this next round of role playing. Half of me cringes at the thought, but the other relaxes and says please.
 Ergh. I'm in a fix.

But I have very much fallen head-over-heels into my book again. Tovah has blossomed! I'm so cruel to him though, it's criminal. I just blamed him for the death of three people. Poor chap. *Bwhaha--ahem*
 Cilla, too, is growing. I've decided to make her much more the instigator and troublemaker {if that is possible}, but some how I'm going to have to ground her so that when hard times hit {and they'll hit hard, I can guarantee you} it won't seem out of character for her to be a complete emotional wreck. Things will get really tough before I write The End. I'm almost surprised at myself. As my little brother put it:
"Everybody dies in your book. And I've only read the first chapter! Who's left??"
"I hope I never get read into your book {like in Inkheart}. I'd probably die."

Who knew I could be so morbid?


  1. Gee, congrats! I had a writing spurt a while ago but then I had to stay away from my story for two weeks and now I want it back. :(

    Haha. That's good you have deaths though! You aren't afraid to hurt your characters :) How old is your little bro? (the one with the quote)

  2. Oh, I torture my people :D
    And my brother's ten. But as he often says, "I'm not like other ten year olds!" ^_^

  3. After browsing your blog for the past twenty minutes I've decided we must be kindred spirits. The name of your blog clued me in, and then the BBC Robin Hood pictures in your sidebar. After reading your About Me page I was almost positive, and after glancing at your "Books of Note" I knew it must be true! So, I am now a follower. :)
    Can't wait for future posts!

  4. Georgianna,
    That's fantastic! You'll probably know this by now, but I follow your blog now as well!

  5. I can totally relate! Writing can be addicting though :) I love it but sometimes I fight with my characters I know that sounds weird. When I am laying out a scene they just don't come together correctly. I have to give my writing a break. Then come back later.