Friday, March 11, 2011

Flood waters

I debated awhile whether to post this on Big Sky of here since this is really more of a photography post, but you haven't heard from the Celtic Cowgirl in awhile so....

a new favorite photo of mine -- no editing required!
After what seemed years of temps under 20* and snow and wind and nastiness, we have suddenly gotten a pocket of warmth literally over night: Went to bed -- 5*. Got up next morning to 50*
 But, hey, I'm not complaining! 
We have had at least six inches or more of snow, but all that's melted already. But the ground is still frozen so.... well, see for yourself.
run-off joining the main flow
May I remind everyone that we normally have no water in our creek bed -- it was dammed up years and years ago and has been dry pretty much ever since. Well, not so much right now.
the creek bed is about three to four feet across dry. this is more like twelve.
Stunned at what I saw out my window, I did the natural thing: grabbed my wellies {okay, so they're actually just high-water snowboots, but that doesn't sound interesting.} and the camera and set off to explore these uncharted waters, Hammie at my side. 
It has completely overflowed and gone round the dam and has continued to carve a path back to its old route -- right across the flat pasture!
look at the way it carved out this bank. there's always been a sort of bowl, but now its a fall!
Ham and I followed the flow to the edge of our land where it meets the larger Hay Creek, which is on full churn too. All the while we were being followed ourselves by this little bugger:
This chickadee would peep and chirp at us; flitting from tree to tree and generally making a nuisance of himself, for he wouldn't hold still enough for a photo. This is the best I ever got of him.
A Bald Eagle also flew over our heads. I think she must be planning a nest or something because I've seen her around more than once. Usually Bald Eagles just pass through occasionally since they usually live near streams and lakes and such for the fish. And we've got no fish. So I wonder what she is planning...
big birds, aren't they?

froth. froth-froth. frothfrothfroth. i think i found a new found a new favorite word...
I nearly fell in taking this photo. Haha. The froth was pretty cool though, and there was a lot of it.
Coming back I noticed a lot of dog tracks heading towards home. I thought that was very odd since our dogs don't go out that far without us. And they had to be new to have survived the warm weather so well... Then it hit upside the head. Well, duh! What have you been listening to every night but coyote cries! That made me feel stupid since it took me a good while to figure it out. But there it is.
I love adventuring. :)



  1. Lovely pictures. I love photos of water! Neat picture of the coyotes tracks too, don't you love that excited shiver that goes up your spine when you hear that lonely howl of a coyote at night?;) ~God bless

  2. great photos!!! love em!

  3. Wow those are really fantastic pictures! I'm impressed.

  4. Hi!
    I just found you blog, and I really love it. I'm following:)

    Those are some really beautiful photos!

    And about what you said about Ireland being like a fairyland - it's true :)