Monday, March 14, 2011


I feel like a bird let out of is cage.

A horse set free to run and run after a long winter in the stable yard.

A dog that just remembered what it's like to swim.

While I'm not any of these animals, I am a girl with a driver's license.

 And with this beautiful weather bearing up my spirits on its wings, I can help but run and jump and laugh in the sunshine. I grab the keys to 'my' little junker '89 Toyota pickup, camera, and co-explorers {aka Hammie and Hooey} and hit the road.

 How exhilarating it is to go cruising backroads, the windows down and the wind in your hair, an endless sky above you.

I now know what Adam Young means when he sings
  When violet eyes get brighter
and heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.

 The road touches the horizon miles away and nothing seems impossible. Indeed, I fancy I even flew! ... when I hit that pothole at sixty. Hey, my nick name is Little Miss Leadfoot :)

The world seems new and my inner explorer is wide awake. I feel like I've finely thrown off the garment of   winter like those coats and jackets I've grown to despise over the course of six months. So I've also chucked winter out of my header, which you've probably already noticed.

 But life really is an open road, readers, boundless and far-traveling. God's given you the keys, so there's no sense in sitting on the shoulder. He's also given you an accelerator, because you're not meant to live in the past. So take the wheel.
 Adventure is out there!

find my photos of this escapade here


  1. Oh my word, you make me want my license more then I ever have before. I've wanted it, but not this bad...

  2. Congrats!!! I remember how excited I was to get my driver's license. And I agree there is nothing (besides horseback riding) that beats cruising down dirt roads with the windows rolled down. :D I love the new header.

  3. Hello beauty! It's a very beautiful post! I just love your blog.

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)

    If you follow me, I'll follow you back.