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  1. (Long post!)
    Evelynn & Arol

    Dawn was breaking somewhere. Evelynn could feel it give her a slight boost of energy, though it left more to be wanting.
    Arol hadn't flown them all the way to the forest, which is where they were now, him being yet a baby. He had finally collapsed a little more than half way and they had walked the rest.
    The night noises were starting to fade into early bird song. Evelynn thanked her stars. Many time that night, while pushing through the thick trees, bushes and other vegetation, they'd heard strange growling. Many times Evelynn cursed herself, for, in her hast to leave she had left her bow and any other weapon behind.
    Arol, she could see, was exhausted. He plodded along uncomplaining, but his feet dragged and his head hung low.
    "Don't worry." She said, giving him a reassuring pat. "We'll soon find a nice place to settle for a while." She hated driving him so hard, but she'd rather be in a clearing where they could have some warning, then be in this dense place where you couldn't see more than fifteen feet ahead.
    He looked at her. Then a monstrous growl came from his belly. He looked at it and moaned.
    "Oh. Well, can you hunt?"
    As a reply he flopped on the ground with a heavy sigh and closed his eyes.
    She sighed. How do you hunt without a bow or sling? Evelynn wondered, making her way farther from the weary dragon. An idea formed it self as she watched a fly trap plant eat a flying bug. As soon as she thought of it, however, she was repulsed. That was such a cruel thing! And yet, as her dragon moaned, there was no other way.
    She sat down, disgusted with herself, and softly began to sing. For a while nothing happened, and Evelynn thought hopefully that her plan had failed, but then a rustling came from the bushes. A small dear like creature came timidly forward. Evelynn had never seen a dear so small. It was barely the size of a medium dog. It had small horns on its head, not pronged like larger deer, but rather like a young goat's.
    It came to its ears pricked, its tiny hooves hardly stirring the ground. It listened for a moment, then lay itself by her knee, resting its head on her leg. Slowly, Evelynn stroked it's neck. So trusting. So easy.
    In a flash, Evelynn knew she couldn't kill this little beast. Even if her dragon was hungry, she just couldn't.
    "Arol," She called out. "You're going to have to kill for yourself. I-I can't."
    There was a commotion, Evelynn suspected Arol would come crashing through to eat the little deer. 'Just do it out of my sight.' She thought.

  2. (cont.)
    There was a roar from Arol. In an instant Evelynn was up, startling the deer. That had not been Arol's hunting cry.
    Evelynn raced back to him. "Please no!" she whispered, running on.
    She found Arol, but he was not alone. Eight humans had him. His feet were tied together and his wings were pinned to his side. He shrieked in fear as the brutal men tied a sack over his head. The men were dragon hunters.
    "AROL!" Evelynn screamed.
    The men looked up, just in time to see one of their own pitched to the ground by an elf girl.
    Evelynn beat the man almost senseless before the others reacted. Five of them took off, dragging Arol with them. The other two came at Evelynn and tore her off their battered comrade. Evelynn gave her best efforts to free herself at the expense of one of the other men. She was still struggling when a deep voice was heard. Everyone froze. The voice had come from a centaur, and a rather filthy one at that.
    "Leave the elf with me." He rumbled.
    The men seemed to know who he was. " Lord Morgath, Ser! We thought yew was at 'ta other side o ta wood terday!"
    "I'm not now am I?" the centaur growled.
    "Well, noes. But we thought-"
    "Then begone with you!" Roared Morgath. "And leave her with me!"
    The men fled leaving a wide eyed elf behind. Right now she would have preferred to go with them. She looked for a way to run.
    The centaur must have seen this for he grabbed her arm. She cringed at the rank smell of him.
    "You must forgive their simple ways," He said, his tone softer. "After all, they are-"
    "Where are they taking my dragon?" Evelynn demanded.
    "Your dragon?"
    "Where are they taking him?" She repeated desperately.
    " To Billiford, most likely." He said, smiling at her helplessness. "But you can't go there alone,"
    She stared at him with something close to horror. If he asked to go with her-
    "There is a cottage not far from here. You might ask the inhabitance wether one of them could show you the way." He gave a glossy smile. "I myself have never left the forest."
    Evelynn tore her arm from his grasp and ran. Morgath smiled. She ran where he had pointed out the cottage. So she did trust him, slightly. That would make things easier in future.
    Evelynn didn't know why she was following the centaur's advice. But he couldn't be too wrong for he pointed the same direction she and Arol had been going, so either way she'd end up the same place, centaur or no centaur.
    She ran for an hour before she reached the river. Crossing it she found herself amidst a herd of milch cows. They lowed at her and wouldn't let her through, making a defensive circle around her.
    "Let me through!" She pleaded, tears of desperation welling in her eyes. She come so far only to be halted by cows!
    "PLease! Can you not see I mean you know harm?" She gave a choked sob. Arol! She beat on one of the cow's face, hoping to break through the circle of beasts. They wouldn't budge.
    Discouraged and helpless, Evelynn fell to her knees and cried into her hands.
    "Arol! Oh, Arol, why were you taken from me so soon after I had you back! Is it cruel fate that we are not to be together? Why? Oh, why!"

    "Hey! What's going on cows? What do you have here, eh?" A man about eighteen strode into the circle of cattle, and stood baffled at the weeping girl. The weeping girl he recognized as the Elven Princess.

  3. What's a role play????

  4. Oh CONFOUND IT ALL!!!! I had a lovely post all typed out, and then I had my modem unplugged because me mum was on the phone and it makes the phone fuzzy, and tried to post without remembering to plug the modem back

    Announcement: roleplay at my place!


    Back again! No visitors for months, and then crowds in the last few days!
    I shouldered the cows and went over to the Princess. I had last seen her riding towards the edge of the forest, with the girl Mona. What had befallen her since?
    Some may think me cowardly for avoiding the conflict yesterday. I smelt magic and faeries, and thought the best thing to do would be to make myself scarce.

    I spoke to the girl (for such she must be, in the reckoning of her people) and she started.

    "My lady, what evil has befallen you? Tell me what I may do to help you." She did not speak, staring up at me, not making any attempt to hide the tears running down her face.
    I finally took her hands gently in my own and raised her to her feet, pushing back the cow Galya, who had become inquisitive again.

    I took the girl into my cottage and prepared a little food for her, and a cup of fresh milk. She still did not say anything.

    "Why do you honor my humble cot so soon again?"
    She sighed, and finally spoke, as if in a dream. "The dragon-hunters....Arol! Where are they taking him..." I began to understand. "He was your dragon, my lady?"
    She seemed to see me properly for the first time. "Yes. We fell in with some dragon-hunters. They were taking him to Billiford, I think...can you take me there?"

    "Princess--I do not wish to discourage you. But--I do not think there is much hope of finding your dragon alive, even if we do manage to get there. Billiford is a town half a day's journey from here, in the foothills on the other side of the river." I hesitated. "Do you know what dragon-hunters are after?"

    She shook her head.

    "Dragon skins."

  5. Evelynn

    A fresh torrent of tears gushed down her face. "Mé á läota! Mé á läota!" {"My friend! My friend!" in elvish} "Why is the world so cruel to you and your kin? Why is it so cruel to me?" Sobs racked her slender frame. Ceorl looked on in helpless pity. What was he to do? Awkwardly he patted her back until her sobs subsided.
    Sniffing, she wiped her eyes and tossed her dark curls. "Forgive me. In my grief I have forgotten myself." She wiped another tear that insisted on sliding down her cheek. "My name is Evelynn. What is yours?"
    "Ceorl," He answered, amazed how quickly she composed herself on the outside. On the inside he knew she was still in tears.
    "Mmm." She said. Not trusting herself to speak. Come along, Evelynn! She thought. Tearing up isn't going to help Arol.
    Mastering herself she asked, "How long did you think it would take to get to Billiford?"
    "Half day," Ceorl
    "They can't be more than a few hours ahead." She said, mostly to herself. "I should leave now."
    She got up and headed for the door.
    "Wait!" Ceorl stood. "You don't even know where to start."
    "Do you have a map?"
    "Then point me the way and I'll find a road."
    "Wait! You can't just go waltzing in on a human village! You're an elf!"
    "So?" She said, an elegant eyebrow raised.
    He sighed. "You won't survive a day there."
    "And why not?" She demanded. Time was slipping by and she didn't have time for insults. Arol was getting farther away...
    "Human provinces are different then elvish ones.... Look, your dragon's chances are small as it is..."
    "So you're saying I need a human guide as well as guard?"
    "If you go, then yes-"
    "If I asked you would you come with me?"
    He hesitated......

  6. MONA

    Corpse breath! Ceorl, the human, had slipped out of the hut while she was asleep. Confound it all- she really needed his help.
    Caranthir was still asleep as Mona strapped on her sheath of arrows and headed out the door. To be safe, she locked the door from the outside, so that if Caranthir tried to escape he could not. Mona still did not trust the silver-haired elf.
    Jili whinnied. She had hidden in the woods, as Mona had instructed her, and now she came cantering out. Mona leapt up on her back and urged her into a trot. They had not gone a few yards when she say Evelynn and Ceorl standing and talking. Ceorl had an odd look on his face, like he couldn't decide whether to run or comfort the princess.
    Mona decided that now was no time for chivalry. She dismounted and stomped up to Evelynn.
    "You said you'd stay put!" she said, outraged.
    Evelynn glared at her. "I'm not helpless, you know."
    Mona snorted. "Oh yes? And where's Arol, then?" she retorted. "Lost him again already?"
    Mona was shocked as Evelynn burst into tears and hugged Mona. Mona raised one eyebrow at the human.
    "I'm sorry I knocked you out," she told him. "It was that or be beaten to a pulp. I've seen you with that staff and I didn't want it used upon me."
    "Who's the other one?" Ceorl's speech was rough, but had a deep, rich, soft undertone to it, like chocolate beneath pine bark.
    "His name is Caranthir. He is cursed by dark magic."
    Ceorl frowned. "Why?"
    "It is a long story," Mona sighed. "Can we please go back to the hut? And what happened to the Princess?"
    Ceorl explained about Arol as they started walking, Evelynn clutching Jili's mane for support- more moral than physical.
    "Yr gonnë!" she swore in Elvish. "I leave Evelynn along for two measly hours and she goes and gets Arol shipped off to the tannery!"
    "She didn't do it on purpose," Ceorl said fairly.
    "Still." Mona sighed and suddenly looked very young and fragile. "I don't know. It just seems that my life is one big whirlwind, and I'm spinning around and around."
    Ceorl gazed at her for a while- there was no denying that she had a certain wild beauty. "You're not an elf," he said at length. It wasn't a question.
    "No," Mona replied. "My mother was of the Fair Folk but my father was human, like you. I know not if he still lives; my mother died when I was eleven. I have fended for myself ever since."
    Ceorl could relate. "I'm sorry."
    Mona shook her head as if to rid it of water. "It's nothing. We must deal with the problem at hand. Where exactly is Arol?"
    "Listen," Ceorl said. "I've got a plan..."
    By the time they had reached the cottage, Mona was nodding in agreement. The plan was risky... but it just might work.

    PS- what happened? Everyone seems to have forgotten that Mona and Caranthir were in the cottage...

  7. Just a thought.... if anyone were to fall in love in this role play( I'm not for it and not against it) It makes sense to me that it would be Mona and Caranthir. I mean, Mona has pretty much taken Caranthir 'under her wing' so to speak, and she sees the good in him. Evelynn is sympathetic but really doesn't like him AT ALL.( I like his character! He's very interesting, Earwen! Great job!) She's creeped out when he's around and Mona isn't cause she knows inside he wants to be good. I don't know. Just thought I'd say what I've been thinkin' :)

  8. Evelynn pushed Mona's hand a way.
    "You blame me?" Her voice shook will anger.
    Mona looked at her evenly. "Well, if I had a dragon, I think I would try and--"
    "You blame me that he ran off when my back was turned? You blame ME that I went hunting for him because he was to weak to find food himself?" Evelynn could barely contain herself. She felt the humming in her body. It was getting dangerous, she knew and she would have to pull out before something happened.

    "Don't you see?" Mona exclaimed. She was at the point of breaking too. "It all happened because of you!"

    "Ladies," Ceorl said trying to keep the fragile peace. He could almost swear he felt the anger resonating from Evelynn.
    "So you're saying that if I had just left him in the forest after his mum was butchered he would be just fantastic right now? Is that what you're saying?"
    "No, I-"
    "Did you also know that if you are the first to touch a newly hatched dragon you are bonded to it? Do you know that as long as we're both alive we will never stop searching for each other as long as we're apart?"

    Mona paused. "I didn't know that."

    "Yeah, well. Now you do." Evelynn's voice lowered too."It's not something either of us can take or leave. If Father had let him go I would have to follow. That is why he did nothing when I brought Arol home." Then her voice dropped to nearly a whisper. "And that is why we cannot return to the elven world."
    "What will your father do?" The question came from Ceorl.
    Evelynn looked him in the eyes, he was only about three inches taller.
    "As the Law demands, as soon as Arol is larger than 85 weights, about the size of a horse, her will be killed as a threat to the Elven Kingdom."
    "How do you kill a dragon?" Mona asked quietly.
    Ceorl answered for Evelynn.
    "You cut out its heart."

  9. Ooh, good idea Gwyn! I was sorta leaning towards Ceorl as soon as he was introduced (age-wise, you know) but that is a *very* good idea!


    "You cut out its heart," Ceorl said gravely.
    Mona shuddered. "But why? If he is bonded to you, why is he a threat?"
    Evelynn shrugged, trying to hold back tears. "How should I know?" she choked out.
    Mona regretted her nonchalance earlier. "Look, I'm sorry I-"
    "Get down!" Ceorl yelled.
    Mona crouched down, grabbing Jili's bridle as the mare settled on her knees like an Arabic camel. Mona loaded her bow.
    From a thicket came the tallest, dirtiest centaur Mona had ever seen- and living in the Forbidden Forest, she had seen a lot. This centaur's face was sharp and cruel.
    "Where is Caranthir?" he rasped.
    "Who?" Evelynn asked innocently.
    "Yes, good sir, who do you speak of?" Mona said through gritted teeth, every instinct telling her to shoot the centaur right then and there. But she had to play along.
    "An elf with sliver hair and eyes. Tall. Dark." The centaur's smile was oily and his teeth were bad.
    "Oh, well, he-" Ceorl started. Mona kicked him hard. "Ow! Oh, right. No idea who he is either. Never seen someone like that."
    The centaur snorted and turned around.
    "I don't trust him," Evelynn told Mona in Elvish, hoping that the centaur did not speak the Fair Language.
    "No more do I," Mona told her, still speaking Elvish. "He's probably following us." Sure enough, she could catch a shadow now and then out of the corner of her eye.
    "Ceorl," she hissed, making him jump as she spoke into his ear. "We can't lead him to Caranthir. Where else can we go?"
    "Um." Ceorl glared at her, rubbing his still-smarting shin. "There's an old fishing hut by the river. I go there sometimes."
    "Excellent." Mona relayed their destination to Evelynn. "I'll get Carathir at night."
    Evelynn nodded, and they plodded on in silence.

    PS- where on earth is Ëarwen?!

    PPS- I'm going to be gone Saturday night through Monday, about noon. You guys know Mona by now. Very tough, good fighter, sensitive on the inside, but tries to hide that. Take good care of her! I'll try to check up on this Sunday or something. *Try.* But... until Saturday evening I'm still here!

  10. PPPS (LOL)- Gwyn, Bethany, and Ëarwen, you all have been given awards at Elránia and I's blog, Thoughts of Middle Earth ( =)

  11. Where the heck did everyone go?!
    Caranthir? Ceorl? Evelynn? Where ARE you guys?
    *sniff* I feel so alone...

  12. I know! I was hoping some one would continue the story so we could have their veiws instead of just yours and mine....:(

  13. I'm sorry, guys!!! I was in town all day yesterday hanging wiht friends and got back really late--and I've got lots of work today and tomorrow we're going to the coast--i'm going to post this, so you can read it in case my story post gets screwed up.....

  14. Oh dear heavens, do I have to decide what happens? Can I just give my viewpoint? :)

    On the way to the hut I thought over what had happened. Mona was evidently determined to go after this Caranthir. Evelynn was just as determined to find her dragon. I knew both things were dangerous--to me and them.

    We got to the hut a bit later and bundled inside. It was getting on towards evening.
    [was it?]
    I had grabbed a rucksack full of dried food before we left, and we sat round munching that for a few minutes. Mona had whispered something to her horse, who promptly left us and secreted herself a little way off.

    The hut was very small: after all, it was only intended for one person sitting crunched up waiting for fish. We sat on the ground, legs folded uncomfortably--or at least 'twas uncomfortable for me. The smaller (and more graceful) lasses did not seem discomfited.

    Finally Mona stood up. "I'm going back for Caranthir."
    I shook my head. "Mona, who is he? I have seen him as a vicious faerie, a killer. What claim does he have on you?"
    She did not speak for a moment. Then she looked at me, and answered with a definite challenge in her voice.

    [sorry to leave it hanging there! gotta run!! see you on Wednesday!]

  15. "If you have a problem with Caranthir, you answer to me," Mona told Ceorl icily. She then slipped into shadow.
    She rode Jili hard and fast back to the hut. Caranthir was awake and waiting.
    "Get on the horse," she told him. "We're being followed."
    "By whom?" Caranthir asked, eyes glinting as he mounted Jili, wincing.
    "A centaur by the name of Morgath."
    Caranthir cursed. Mona looked back at him. "What?" she asked.
    "Morgath serves the King of Darkness."
    "Who?" Mona had never heard the name, but it sent a shiver down her spine.
    "My-" Caranthir grimaced- "master."
    "Not any more," Mona told him fiercely. Caranthir raised an eyebrow and continued.
    "He is known by many names... but his servants call him the King of Darkness, for that is what he is."
    "What does he want?" Mona was rather put off that Caranthir had not mentioned this before. They were almost at the camp.
    "I know not. We were each told merely a piece of the plan... our own job. That was we could not tell the enemy were we captured." Caranthir laughed, harsh and cold and not at all joyfully. "I suppose he never imagined we might change sides."
    Mona did not answer, for they had come to the hut. But something was wrong. The fire inside was lit, but the door was open a crack- not how Mona had left it. She slid off Jili and rubbed a peephole in the grimy window.
    Her friends were inside. But someone else was there too. Morgath the centaur was standing over Evelynn and Ceorl, hunting knife drawn. The two were tied to chairs, and as Mona watched she could see Ceorl shout something at Morgath. She could not clearly hear his words, but she guessed by Morgath's expression that it was something rude. Then she noticed that Evelynn had stopped struggling. Instead, she was sawing away at the ropes with a slim knife. Mona grinned. Perhaps the princess was not so helpless after all.
    But her smile faded as she realized the implications of the situation. Even if Evelynn managed to get free, she was no use for the centaur, surely a trained killer. Mona rushed back to Jili, where Carantir was sitting silently.
    "We need to help them," she whispered.
    Caranthir nodded. "Very well... listen to this..."

    PS- okay, have we decided who Mona is going to fall in love with yet? Ceorl or Caranthir?

  16. Yay! We're back!! It was a nice break though, it gave me time to think on this a bit more...:)
    Oh, and if you haven't heard, Earwen's internet cable is broken or something so we might not be hearing Caranthir's part for awhile..:(


    I sawed away at my bonds, hoping that--that BEAST wouldn't notice.
    Ceorl was being very helpful by distracting it. I had to smile at some of his rather creative descriptions for Morgrath, even if my life was in danger. Again. I'm almost getting used to the thought, it's happened so much these past days.
    I stopped cutting as the centaur turned his filthy gaze on me.
    "So. Here is the Princess in all her splendor." He spat. "I see nothing more than a spoiled brat. If a pretty one at that."
    My eyes flashed. But it was Ceorl who retorted.
    "Watch your tongue, centaur, before you loose it!"

    "Oho! Stings you, does it?" Morgath chuckled evilly, his hairy knotted arms crossed. "But still," he said, no longer mirthful, "You had better remember just who's tied to that chair, boy." He spat the last word out like an insult, and doubtless, Ceorl took it as one. Ceorl shouted a name I have not heard of before, but I guess it is bad for Morgath draws himself up and bellows another word I HAVE heard and shall not repeat.
    The centaur slams his fist into the side of Ceorl's head, nearly turning over the chair.
    Ceorl, surprisingly just shook it off, though his lip is bleeding. I feel horrible that he is taking the abuse instead of me.
    I shout a curse of my own. I am surprised that the centaur takes this verbal abuse so badly, most would recognize that they had the upper hand and would not bother with petty insults. Not so with Morgath. I too get a split lip. My head reverberates, and I think blearily that I should continue cutting my bonds.
    But before Morgath can return Ceorl's sally, the door burst open and.........!

  17. Oh, and Olive, I think it should be Caranthir. It makes more sense.....

  18. -MONA-
    ...Mona and Caranthir thundered in on Jili! (bum bum dee bummm! LOL) Mona whispered something in Jili's ear as they dismounted. Something sparked in the mare's eye that Mona had not seen since her Naming- a terrible Faerie hate, a loathing of all things not Faerie. Mona had to trust that Jili would only direct this hate at the filthy centaur. It was her only chance... their only chance.

    I bared my teeth in a smile as it became clear who had just barreled in. A snip of a girl, not over sixteen, and a hooded figure who was clearly crippled! I opened my mouth to laugh when the horse struck me. I reared back, and as I did I caught a glimpse of the cripple's face. Caranthir! That double-crossing traitor! So this was where he got to.
    The white mare reared again and I brayed to her in the language of horses, "stoppit! Go away, mare!"
    She neighed back, and in her horse-speech there was a bit of Faerie as well. Now I was a little wary. "Leave here!" she told me. "Now, or I will kill you where you stand, centaur!"
    Indignant, I whinnied back, "why do you wish to kill one of your own kin?"
    She snorted and pawed the ground. "Kin! You are no kin of mine, mortal." She charged.
    I stepped aside, but she turned with unnatural grace. Then it hit me. She was a Shadowhorse!
    I turned and did something I don't usually do... I ran. The Shadowhorse charged after me, faster than I could ever hope to gallop. She herded me back towards the hut... and I stumbled.
    I looked in astonishment towards my chest. An arrow sprouted there. As my vision faded, I saw the girl who had been riding the Shadowhorse lower her bow. Her eyes were cold, and she strode over to me and whispered in my ear, "when you get to He**gates, tell your master Monaguya Salixå sends him her regards."
    Then everything went black.

    OK, so whoever goes next, just make Mona say "he was no better than an animal I might hunt for food... though I could not imagine even touching that filthy beast."
    Know that deep down, Mona fears that she may turn into a killer like Morgath himself... Just tellin' ya. ;-)

    LOL- the word verification is "inkno"... we need "no ink" to write the story, geddit?

  19. Hi, I'm back... I guess nothing much happened, huh?

  20. School has been keeping me away. And I can't think of anything interesting to add...:S Feel free!!!

  21. Oh come on people, *someone* has to do *something*!

  22. 'kay this might not be the best but I'll give it a go...


    "What do we do with him now?" Evelynn asked, voicing the thoughts of all four of them.
    They stood around the stinking centaur, Ceorl and Evelynn both rubbing their wrists where the bonds had burned and left chafed red skin.

    "I don't know." Mona jabbed his side with the tip of her boot. "He was no better than an animal I might hunt for food... though I could not imagine even touching that filthy beast."
    Evelynn had to agree.
    Caranthir spoke, "We cannot let him live, we would only be wasting time and energy prolonging the inevitable."
    Evelynn cursed. "Oh, I wish you'd have killed him straight off, Mona. It would have been so helpful!" Evelynn gave Mona a small smile to show she had not meant any ill.
    Ceorl gave a small grunt. "We could tie him up and gag him. Maybe even stuff him in the hut."
    It was so simple, Evelynn had to roll her eyes but then stopped.
    "Yes." She said, incredulous. "Yes! And then we could send a falcon to the King with word of a spy! He could then get much information out of this-" she gave Morgath a kick. " -for the war! It seems apparent that he has some standing with the dwarves."
    Caranthir nodded. "You may have a point. But why send a falcon when we can go to the King ourselves?"
    "She's not going to the King." Answered Ceorl. "In fact, she's going in the opposite direction to find her dragon. And," he added with a sigh, "I suppose I'm going too." He looked a Evelynn.
    "Only if you wish. I won't have a reluctant companion, they slow the company."
    Another sigh on his part. " I guess.."
    "But what about your cows?" Mona questioned. It was apparent that the two had conversed on the matter before.
    Ceorl paused. " I-I guess they'll be alright, for a few days."
    Evelynn was touched by his willingness to risk his livelihood to help her and so made an offer. "If any of your beloved or otherwise, I will see that you get two of the finest cows in the Kingdom to replace any you might lose."
    That comforted Ceorl. "All the same, I don't think even your best cow could replace Galya, should she be lost."
    "I shall accompany you also, Princess." Caranthir said in his cool voice.
    "I'm not being left behind!" Mona said joining the travelers. "You and your dragon get into too much trouble to go with only men to bail you out!"
    Evelynn had to laugh. It was exactly what she would have said.
    "Right. Lets clean up this mess, send the bird and get going!"

    As they crested a hill to the road, Ceorl stopped and looked back at the tiny farm. It was small, but it was home. He wondered if it would look the same if he did ever return.
    He became conscious of someone standing beside him and looked up to see the princess. She met his eyes with her brilliant green ones that sparkled with adventure and mischief and just a touch of sadness. Then, with a smile, she said, "You don't get out much, do you?"
    He rolled his eyes and they turned back to the road, leaving the meadow and is inhabitance behind.


  24. Caranthir and Mona looked at eachother.
    Caranthir felt liek he should not have let Evelynn go looking for Arol with Ceorl, but he couldn't leave Mona here by herself with Morgath inside.
    He paced, back and forth, back and forth until Mona said "Will you cut that out?"
    Jili nudged MOna's shoulder.
    "Sorry," Mona muttered, rubbing Jili's nose.
    Caranthir shrugged and sat down.
    "I just... I really think we should have gone with Evelynn."
    "Why?" asked Mona, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. She glanced at the cottage.
    "You don't really think we're doing any good here, are you?" asked Caranthir, his own eyes narrowing.
    "Of course we are!" Mona was puzzled.
    "We have to guard Morgath!"
    "Guard him?" Caranthir barked a short laugh.
    "The only guarding we're doing is guarding ourselves. He's probably already gone by now."
    "WHAT?" Mona jumped to her feet and ran to the cottage.
    She opened the door a small ways anda peeked in. No centaur.
    "But... how - there's nothing broken down!"
    "Broken down? Mona, how do you THINK he got out? Magic."
    "Oh, no. And the Kin is coming, too!" Mona shook her head as if trying to rid herself of a swarm of flies.
    "So what do we do?" she asked finally.
    Caranthir looked at Mona, surprised. This was the first time she had asked his advice.
    "Morgath will still be prowling for us, but we can head after Evelynn and Ceorl."
    Mona looked doubtful. "All right, I guess," she said.
    "Good." Caranthir pulled his hood over his head and picked up his silverwood bow and slung his quiver over his back.
    Mona noticed that the bow had two notches instead of one. What for, she wondered. You could fit two arrows there?
    They started off after the princess.

  25. Ah, finally! Ëarwen, who do you think should fall in love- Mona and Caranthir or Mona and Ceorl?

  26. Sorry I haven't contributed much lately!! I'll try and do something soon.

    Here's my thoughts [unsolicited, I know :)] on the Mona/romance thang:
    It seems like an elf-human romance might create pain and trouble down the road, ie Beren and Luthien/Arwen and Aragorn. But that's just me tuppence, and it's prob. up to Olive Tree! :)

  27. Hmmm.. yes.. But trouble could be interesting.... otherwise it sounds as if they'd be giving each other cow-eyes the rest of the play...:P

  28. Evelynn

    It was an hour or two before sunset when Evelynn and Ceorl reached a small hillside town known as Tirin. It was indeed small, but as the last human outpost before the Arad, it was slightly larger than an average village.
    The first thing they did was outfit Evelynn in plain clothes. "Even our best weavers could not weave such a dress," Ceorl had pointed out. Evelynn also took off her silver band and tied her raven hair in such a way as it hid her pointed ears. The wool was scratchy and her hair threatened to escape its leather restraint as Evelynn looked about her in complete wonderment, she had never even seen a human up till a few days ago and now she was in a town that swarmed with them.
    "What is THAT??" She exclaimed, pointing wildly. "Its a well. For water." Came Ceorl's dry answer.
    "Amazing! How can you be so lazy as to not fetch water from a steam and yet spend months digging a hole to find it! Amazing!"
    Ceorl watched her with amusement as she pointed out everyday things, her eyes wide with excitement and wonder.
    It was market day and merchants shouted their wears, calling out the finest cloth and pots and other such things. Evelynn insisted on looking at most everything.
    They pasted a jeweler's tent and he called out to them.
    "A trinket for the pretty lass?" He asked glossily of Ceorl. Ceorl blushed and Evelynn gave an inquiring glance.
    She cast a critical eye on the baubles displayed on the velvet covered table. A little silver dragon caught her eye. She took it up and examined it. Its eyes were uneven she noted directly, and the scales were poorly placed, giving it a rag-tag appearance.
    "One of my finest pieces, made from silver from across the glittering sea!" the shop keeper said, rubbing his hands as if already sure of his profit.
    Evenlynn gave a sort of snort. In the Elven World, selling such a thing would be a disgrace. Putting the statue back on the table, Evelynn couldn't help but show the jeweler how his craft was really done. Carefully she drew out her tiara and placed it before the man. Ceorl made as if to speak, but was cut off. "I found this a few days ago in the forest," Evelynn said tactfully. "I was hoping you could tell me of its worth."
    The man took up the band, greed showing plainly on his features. He ran his fingers along the intricate design of vines,leaves and flowers that wrapped around, curling and twisting, with the star sapphire as the center flower. His eyes grew wide at the tiny detail in every leaf and petal. It was obvious that this was made by a great master jeweler. The man would even go as far to say it was made by Elfkind, if, of course, he knew such a thing was not possible. Of course he would try and weasel the farm boy and girl out of it true worth.
    "20 gold." He said at last.
    "20 gold and no more." He repeated with a stuffy air. "This," he said, waving the band as if it were made of steel. "This is clearly plated!"
    "Plated?!" Evelynn exploded. "Do you h--" Ceorl cut her off. "That's to bad, sister." He put stress on the word 'sister'. "I guess we'll just have to take it somewhere else. Maybe we'll get more." Ceorl quickly snatched the circlet from the jeweler and grabbed Evelynn's arm, dragging her spluttering from the stand. "Wait!" Cried the man desperately. "I'll give you 25! 30? Will you take 30?"
    Still pulling Evelynn, Ceorl snapped at her, "That was unnecessary and very stupid."
    Evelynn said nothing. She knew he was right, but she was still steamed.

  29. (cont.)
    They quickly left the town, having nothing more to buy after purchasing two knives.
    Neither of them spoke and tension grew between them.
    A mile from Tirin Ceorl could hold it no longer. "Why did you do that?" He snapped. "For what purpose?"
    Evelynn glared at him and turned the question around. "Why not? You saw his things! They were pathetic!"
    "So you decided to risk letting it be known that the Elven Princess was here??"
    "There was no way he could have known that!"
    "Oh, yes? A beautiful girl shows up with a perfectly crafted crown, obviously meant for someone of noble birth, and says she 'found' it laying in the woods! What are the chances of that? Humans aren't as utterly stupid as you elves make us out to be!"
    "With an exception, I see." Evelynn flared.
    "Besides," Ceorl continued, ignoring Evelynn's last sally. " What if someone is following us? All they with have to do is ask around."
    "Oh! So we have someone following us now! Like they don't already have an idea where we're going."
    Ceorl gave a frustrated groan. "Maybe I should have stayed behind. YOU don't need anyone! Women!"

    They walked until dark and eventually set up camp a ways from the road.
    They ate around the fire, chewing their food moodily.
    Evelynn knew she was in the wrong and that she would have to say so and ask forgiveness, but the same pride that had shown the jeweler her band also kept her from speaking. Forgiveness came so easily with other people but for some reason Ceorl was different. Was it because she feared another lecture? Or because he might refuse it altogether?
    She shifted. She hated this black silence that enveloped them. Why, only a few hours ago Ceorl was joking and trying to make her feel better about Arol's prospects. Now nothing but stony silence was there.
    Thinking of Arol, Evelynn reached out and felt for him. Faintly she could sense his despair and loneliness and fear. Despair filled her own heart. Maybe Mona was right. Maybe Evelynn was the worst thing that happened to Arol. If she hadn't found him none of this would have happened.
    She couldn't stand it any longer.
    Nothing. She swallowed. "Ceorl, I-I'm sorry."
    He stirred, but his eyes never left the flames of the camp fire. His eyes glittered in its dancing light, as if they had a fire of their own inside them.
    Evelynn pushed on. "I see that I was foolish now. Oh, blast my pride!" She pulled her hair. "I ask that you would forgive me. I was stupid and risked your neck as well as mine. I'm sorry."
    She looked up at him. There was a hint of a smile on his lips.
    "Forgiven." He said shaking his own hair. "After all, what can an elf girl know about market swindlers?" Evelynn smiled, glad the tension between them was gone. "You must think me a complete idiot." She said watching him bank the fire.
    "Well..." He looked up at her. "Maybe."
    She made an indignant noise and threw a clod of dirt at him as he laughed at her.
    "Now, now, settle down! Heavens, your more moody than a sore cow. Now stop that! I didn't mean it that way! Right. We have to start early tomorrow so best get some sleep."
    Evelynn rolled her eyes. She could be up and ready for a long journey in a few hours of rest, but she humored Ceorl and curled up, wrapped in her cloak.
    Still chuckling a little Ceorl did the same.
    "I hope you don't snore." Evelynn yawned.
    "Likewise." came the reply.
    Evelynn rolled her eyes again and grinned. They were friends again.

    (I had lots of fun with the argument! Can you tell?)

  30. (I could, it was very funny! "Women..." LOL!)

    Mona and Caranthir soared above the treetops, mounted on Jili. Mona had been far in her relatively short life- she knew the forest like the arch of her bow, yet now it seemed unfamiliar. For her mind was on something else.
    What claim DOES Caranthir have on me? she wondered. And what of Ceorl? Does he have feelings for me, or am I being stupid? Corpse worms, she screamed angrily inside her own mind. I'm not ready for this! I'm a loner, not a lover. What am I going to DO?! This is utterly-
    "Mona," Caranthir murmured. "I see them."
    Sure enough, below them a small campfire flickered. Two slumbering figures surrounded it- Evelynn and Ceorl. Mona breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed Jili's neck affectionately. No matter how dangerous the Naming Ceremony had been to capture the Shadowhorse, it had been proved worth it time and time again.
    "Okay," she said, trying to keep her voice steady as exceedingly UNsteady thoughts swirled about her mind, pushing to pop out of her mouth. "Jili, land. And be careful."
    They began a steep, spiraling descent, and Jili trotted gracefully around the campfire once before coming to a smooth halt. Once more, Mona thanked her lucky stars.
    Caranthir crouched by the flickering embers of the fire and blew. The flames reared to life like fighting phoenixes. Mona stared at him.
    "How did you-"
    "Don't ask, Mona," Caranthir answered tiredly. "Go to sleep. I will keep watch."
    Annoyed that he was keeping things from her, Mona flung her bag to the ground forcefully and lay her head upon it. The night was chilly, but Mona was used to the Forbidden Forest's temperamental weather. By midnight, it would be pleasantly warm. Mona drifted off to sleep, the last thing she saw being Caranthir and Ceorl, side by side.

  31. (Dum dum duuuuummmmm.......)
    (Sorry, couldn't resist that one LOL)

    I vote Evelynn/Caranthir pairing.

  33. Caranthir stood on the hillside, gazing at the darkness.
    The wind blew his silver hair and cloak, and as Mona watched him, pretending to sleep, she couldn't help but feel that he looked a lonely figure.

    Caranthir felt his heart cry out in... anger? anguish?
    Why had he been born with so many gifts?
    More like curses.
    Curses that had only given him pain and torture.
    Curses that had drawn attention, made him into what he was.
    It was too much to bear alone, but he had born it for his whole life.
    He was too many things... too many things he had to be. A healer. An assassin. A killer of men, women... children.
    A Flame Tamer.
    A shifter.
    He was not even a man.
    The starlight illuminated the single crystal tear that left his silver eyes.
    The moon shown down on them as they waited through the night.

  34. May I just say that I am in an emotional mood?
    I LOVED doing that one!! XD

  35. Okay... so Caranthir is going to do something REALLY heroic to win Evelynn over. I agree, it makes more sense. So Mona+Ceorl and Evelynn+Caranthir... I like it.

  36. Sounds good! I guess 'tis time that ole cow-herder Ceorl has his say...
    What was that? Did somebody say that Caranthir needed an excuse to do something heroic?? :)


    It was a few hours before dawn when I woke. I couldn't think why--the day before had certainly been strenuous enough, what with traveling and town-dealings and the incident with Evelynn. I still didn't know what to think of her. Elf or not, she had a temper like any mortal--not that I've ever known many girls, living in the forest and all.
    But she had asked pardon humbly enough. And what courage.
    I remembered my own mixed parentage and resolved not to become more fond of her than I already was.

    The fire flickered a little higher and I sat up--surely I had not left it buring that brightly. I looked around and saw the unmistakable figure of Mona curled up on the other side of the fire. A dark hooded figure stood a little apart, Caranthir no doubt.

    Seeing Mona again made me realize how terrible it would have been to never see her again.
    But--Caranthir. What of him? More importantly, what did Mona think of him?

    My musings were cut short by a crackling sound from the trees to our right. Caranthir heard it too--he moved soundlessly to Mona and woke her. I rose too and went over to them.
    Caranthir's eyes were hard. "It's Morgath."
    "What?! I thought you two would--well--deal with him."
    "He escaped. Wake Evelynn," Mona awswered briefly. The princess came awake instantly and completely.

    When the centaur entered the clearing, we were ready.
    He seemed to have grown in stature. Evelynn cried out and would have rushed forward if Caranthir had not putout his arm and whispered something to her in the Fair Speech.
    Morgath led behind him the dragon Arol, chained and hobbled. The chains glinted cruelly in the firelight.

    "Princess, you have found your precious dragon. He and you will be together forever--in eternal darkness. He and you will both die--unless the traitor Caranthir agrees to return to his true master with me."

    [Does that provide the requisite excitement??! :) We need a soundtrack here!!]

  37. Mona crouched down, pulling out her silver knife undetected. She slipped it up her sleeve and rose, walking towards the centaur.
    "We both know you would do no such thing," she challenged. "You would kill Evelynn and Arol, and possibly Caranthir if he did not agree to come with you."
    Morgath laughed. "Quick little wench, aren't you? Yes, you're probably right. Especially after what your Shadowhorse did to me!" Snarling the centaur turned so they could see the whiplike marks down his back and chest. Faerie wounds.
    "You deserved it," Evelynn said from beside the fire. "You're terrible!"
    Morgath laughed again- a rough, cruel sound. "Am I?" he asked. "What else am I supposed to do?"
    "DIE!" yelled Ceorl, and charged at the centaur. But Morgath flung him aside, and the boy was knocked out.
    Caranthir approached the centaur and whispered something to him. A grin spread across the killer's face, and he laughed again, eyes glinting. He turned, beckoning Caranthir to follow him. Quick as molten lightning, Caranthir drew his twin swords and stabbed Morgath... once, twice, thrice! The centaur dropped to the ground. Dead.
    Caranthir turned and bowed to Evelynn.
    "What did you tell him?" she wanted to know.
    "Ah," Caranthir said quietly, "perhaps that is between me and him, Princess."
    Evelynn raised an eyebrow suspiciously. Mona hurried over to where Ceorl lay slumped against a tree.
    "Oh, gods, oh, gods, please wake up," she told him, rubbing his chest. "I need some water and herbs," she shouted to the other two. Evelynn handed her a pitcher, and she doused Ceorl with water. Nothing happened.
    "Caranthir. You are a healer, a far better one than I. Do something. Please," Mona pleaded, eyes wide.
    Shocked, for he had never seen tough, independent Mona like this before, Caranthir obliged. Within minutes, Ceorl was awake.
    "Oh, thank the gods," Mona breathed.
    "What happened? Is he gone?" Ceorl looked around.
    "Caranthir killed him," Evelynn supplied. Arol wriggled in her arms, clearly wanting the chain and hobble off.
    Mona looked like she was about to cry in relief. Ceorl looked at her strangely.
    "Are you all right?"
    She nodded. "I... um... I guess I'm going back to sleep."
    She wandered off to her spot beside the fire and curled up like a cat.
    The three remaining companions looked at each other. What is up with her?

  38. Evelynn & Arol(now the size of a Welsh pony)

    Evelynn slept the rest of the night, her head resting on Arol's side. He occasionally made purr like noise, sighing with contentment. His girl was back and safe and he was glad. He no longer looked to her for safety, as he had when still a fledgeling, but now he protected her.
    For two-legs, pointy eared or not, were no where near as strong as he, a dragon, with his pearl scales and ivory claws.
    He watched the two men, who, unlike the girls, had stayed up. They talked in low voices, glancing Evelynn's way often. Arol took from their gestures that they spoke of her.
    At length the elf walked silently towards them, his tred hardly stirring the foliage.
    Arol let him come within seven feet of Evelynn before he growled a warning. The elf stopped. Arol brought his right wing around Evelynn protectively, his lip curled ever so slightly, to reveal the points of dagger sharp teeth.
    Evelynn stirred at his movement, murmuring in her sleep. Arol looked back at her, his eyes softening. He gave her an affectionate lick and she smiled in her slumber, nestling deeper into his side.

  39. (cont.)
    Ciranthir watched with interest how the dragon defended the princess. Even now it returned its unwavering gaze back to him, untrust clear in his brilliant blue eyes.
    It was hard for Ciranthir to believe this was the same wyrmling he had held only yesterday, Dragons were truly amazing and unusual.
    Ciranthir's eyes returned to Evelynn, and he wondered how he could have ever tried to kill her. She was very fair even in elvish standards. Her black curls shined in the moonlight, curling about her face, free at last from their leather bonds.
    As he watched, her breathing quickened and her eyes moved under their lids, seeing unknown things. She started cried out, sitting up abruptly, green eyes wide. Arol turned his head to her, concerned. Seeing him, Evelynn relaxed slightly, bowing her head and leaning on Arol, an arm wrapped around his neck.
    "Trouble, Princess?" Ciranthir asked quietly.
    She looked up. He saw that she still did not trust him, and somehow, it hurt.
    "No." She said shortly. "No, just a dream. As always."
    "Would you like me to-" But Ciranthir got no farther.
    "No. I'm fine." Evelynn cut him off. She knew that the others thought of her as defenseless, her being a princess and all. Hadn't she proved her self in the forest?
    Back home she was treated with the same care, as if she were made of glass. She would read of all the great warrior princesses in the library that had come before her and wondered what had changed. If this frailness was a princess, she thought, I don't want to be one.
    She wished again that she had been born into a warrior family or even one of a healer. There at least she could have freedom to do as she wished.
    Sensing her unrest Arol growled confusedly.
    "You are troubled, Princess?"
    Ciranthir was still there.
    "Please," Evelynn sighed. "Don't call me princess any more."
    Ciranthir looked puzzled. "Why not, Prin-Ev-Evelynn?" He said it as if it was totally unheard of.
    "Just don't."
    "Very well, but you ignore my previous question, is something wrong?"
    Evelynn wanted to tell someone of her inner battle between the princess she was and the forest wanderer she longed to be, but when she looked at Ciranthir, the elf that tried to kill her, she could not. Would not.
    Nor did she feel as if she could confide in Mona either. The fact was she could only be herself around Ceorl. In the sort time they had traveled together she was able to talk freely and be who she wanted and he wasn't formal about everything. He laughed, joked and talked about cows. None of that philosophical stuff the elves tended to go on about. She could let her hair down around him, so to speak. He was her first true friend. He didn't care that she was a princess, he treated her like he would anyone else. Something she had looked for but never found in the palace. But now he had changed. Literally over night. He had called her princess again too.
    It was foolish, she thought, to have believed that she could actually have a friend that didn't care if she was the daughter of king.
    No, she would keep her feelings to herself. Telling no one but perhaps Arol.
    "Nothing is wrong. At least-...No, nothing's wrong."
    Feelings, she learned, were fickle things.

  40. P.S. Evelynn and Ceorl were just friends in her mind. She doesn't really think to deeply about ever going farther than that with anyone.

  41. okay---good--I couldn't bear a sad ending!! :)

  42. Caranthir felt troubled over Evelynn's behaviour.
    He could sense she was having an internal struggle - he saw much more than people thought.
    Perhaps it was because he himself was not human or elf-kind that he could read them so easily.
    But Evelynn... she remained a mystery.
    It sounded odd even thinking of her by her first name, instead of her title.
    Caranthir smiled to himself as the thought entered his head and reminded him - Morgath was dead.
    Never again would he place binds and chains on Caranthir, never again would he force him to do his wishes.
    But now, what was there to do with his life?

  43. Evelynn

    Evelynn stood facing the east, the first rays from the morning sun glinting in her green eyes, shooting them through with light. As usual she felt the slight thrill of energy as the rays soaked into her skin.

    She was alone upon a small hill a little ways from the camp.
    Ceorl and Mona still slept and Arol had finely settled down after his night vigil.
    A fresh breeze came with the sun, stirring Evelynn's raven curls. She sighed, morning was so beautiful! The previous night's thoughts seemed less troublesome in the sunshine. But they were still there. She turned her gaze to Ceorl, who lay with a bandage across his forehead. She stared for a long moment, not really seeing, but just thinking.

    Ciranthir emerged from the trees at the opposite side of the camp, a brace of rabbits in one hand. He nodded to her and left the conies by the fire, to cook when the humans arose.
    Evelynn, being an honest girl by nature, knew she would have to thank Ciranthir for saving Arol, and all of them really, the day before. Without him Arol would still be in the hands of thieves, for, Ciranthir would not have given up his freedom just so that she could have Arol back, would he? She didn't think so.
    Evelynn tossed her hair, she needed to clear her mind.
    "Ciranthir," She called softly, so as to not wake the others.
    The elf quickly looked up from the rabbit he was cleaning."Prin-"
    Evelynn raised an eyebrow.
    "Evelynn?" he amended.
    She nodded, almost gracing a smile. Almost. "I need to clear my head. I'm going for a run. Not far, just a mile or so."
    Ciranthir wiped his blade. "Do you think it wise? The hunters could be lurking about still. No doubt Morgath took your dragon by magic."
    "Perhaps. What you say does make sense. Could I barrow your bow, then?"
    "Of course." He said simply. He knew that all royalty was trained in combat beond that of lower elves. He wouldn't be surprised if she could match him as a marksman. And of course she had that strange magic.Though, he noted, she hadn't used it since the forest.
    Evelynn loped down the hill and took up his bow, running her hand along its length. Experimentally she pulled the string back to full draw and guessed it to be around eighty pounds, close to her limit. She had been trained since she was ten with a seventy pound*.
    "It is very good make." She said truthfully. "Is it a Rénalæ?"
    Ciranthir nodded.
    "Well, thank you. I shall be sure to find any arrows, should I have to loose one."
    "If it would make you feel better, I could acompany you." Ciranthir offered.
    "Thanks for your concern," She answered, slinging the quiver over her shoulder. "But no. I run alone." With that she darted to the crest of the hill.
    Just then Ciranthir thought of something, "What of your dragon? If he finds you gone he'll kill us all!"
    "Just feed him." Evelynn called back. "And try and calm him with feelings, he understands those better than words."
    Then she dashed off, reminding Ciranthir of a deer; graceful and swift.

    *Remember elves are stronger then humans. By my stats A LOT stronger!lol

  44. Cool! You may want to remember, though, Caranthir has an A in his name and Mona's only half human. ;-) I'll add my next chapter when I finish my homework... looks like we'll need another post soon!

  45. Whoops on CAranthirs name! I thought I FINELY got it down! Drat! (:D I do remember Mona is half elf it just I thought it would be awkward to say "the human and half human" or something like that..:)

  46. Right, Caranthir has an A and Elves ARE 3-7 times stronger than a human =D

  47. Great =)

    I have this idea... what if Morgath was being possessed by the "Dark Master" dude, and by killing him we/Caranthir killed the mega-bad guys too? That would wrap it up nicely. Do you guys agree? Then we can all have happy endings... maybe Ceorl and Mona can be released from the terrible restrictions of being human by the elf king or something... just my morning thoughts. =)

    (I use waaaay too many =)s... =) )

  48. Sure go ahead! I'd like to have the story last a bit longer. We can't just have one post saying 'the bad dude's dead. the end' can we?

  49. Oh yeah, just trying to find some way to wrap it up...

  50. Aha! yes, I like Olive Tree's idea for tidying up :) I'll leave that bit up to someone else, if I's some more of Ceorl's story! [Olive Tree(dear dear. I almost shortened that to Olive :O ), feel free to break in with Mona's perspective!

  51. Right! =D
    But now that Morgath's dead, what do we do?

  52. Um... find a way for the humans to not be prosecuted?

  53. HERE I AM!!!! [And ready to rock n roll, teehee] Finally!


    How did this happen? How am I always getting knocked out? I awoke with a frightful headache. Mona was bending over me, her face twisted with worry. I could have sworn I saw tears in her eyes, but that was surely impossible. It must have been my own muddled head.

    In the morning she was up early, roasting a pair of conies.

    [good heavens. Is it possible that my fleeting character what's-is-name the little rabbit was among the victims??! hehe]

    I went over to the fire, drawn by the savory smell. She turned and smiled. "Ceorl. I--did you sleep well? How is the wound?"

    I ignored my aching skull and spoke jauntily. "Nothing to signify. Where are the others?"

    She turned back to the fire, turning the conies carefully. "I know not. I saw Caranthir just at dawn, he brought in the conies and said he was off for a bit."

    "And Evelynn?"

    She gave me a sharp glance. "I don't know. She can take care of herself, I'm sure."
    Mona turned the meat again, then spun around and stepped closer to me. Her face was hard but her voice was very quiet--dangerous. I took a step back as she spoke.
    "Ceorl, are you in love with Evelynn?

    "I--why did you--no--" I hesitated. Of course I wasn't in love with Evelynn. An Elven princess! She was as far above me as the stars in the sky. But could I tell her that I did love her? Can you love a person when you have known them for no more than a week? I couldn't tell her of all the time I spent thinking about her; of how I would be perfectly happy just to be with her for the rest of my life; of the way her hair shone in the sunlight; of the way my heart lifted whenever I saw her. I couldn't tell her...

    Mona broke in. "I'm sorry. I had no right to ask."
    Yes. I would tell her. I had to, I couldn't live if I thought I had never told her....
    "I can't think of anyone else who had a better right to ask. I'm not in love with Evelynn." I stepped towards her, my eyes never leaving hers. "Mona, I--"
    I couldn't say anything more, but she must have known what I was going to say. I put my arms around her and I heard her murmur something against my shoulder, almost crying. I held her tighter and whispered into her hair.
    "I love you."

  54. Awww! I'm feeling sniffly! We need some music here!

  55. Aaawww :) :)

  56. Awww! *sniff*

    Mona could barely hear Ceorl's words through the roaring in her head. "Never mind, it's not important..." she murmured, reveling in his embrace. But it was important, it was the most important thing yet in her life. HE was the most important thing.
    "I love you."
    The words fell from his lips like a skein of rough silk against her cheek. No, rough silk is impossible, but then again, wasn't this too?
    Mona felt that she should say something, but Ceorl wasn't letting go. She decided that there were no words for her to say. He knew.
    A rustling in the bushes startled them into drawing apart. Evelynn and Caranthir stood there, both gripping a bow and some rabbits. The four stared at each other awkwardly, until Evelynn broke the silence.
    "We got some conies," she said loudly and rather unnecessarily.
    Grateful for the conversation topic, Mona jumped in. "Oh, yes, wonderful. Let's have some stew tonight," she replied, her voice a notch or two higher than usual. She felt exceedingly stupid.
    As she stirred the stew pot, occasionally glancing over at Ceorl, who was whittling something, she turned over the question that had been bothering her since she had laid eyes on Ceorl... which was, oddly enough, when she locked him out of his hut. It wasn't whether or not she loved him... she did, with all her heart, though they were both young yet. The question that was bothering her was her own lot in life. For years, she had been tough and independent, hunting and living by herself... well, herself and Jili. What would become of her now? As she fed Jili a carrot, she wondered whether she could continue being a forest warrior or if she would instead settle down like a good little wife. The thought almost made her life. "Good little wife?" She would sooner sprout wings and fly to Saturn. No, she knew she would continue being herself... but now she would have someone to share it with.

    The following morning, Evelynn announced that they were going to the elven palace.

    (Your turn, someone!)

  57. Evelynn

    *Ahem* Well... Hmm... I'm still in slight state of shock over the past events.... As any sane elf would be. I think.
    At least Carathir had the same look on his face as I did. I think bewilderment would be the correct word for it.
    I must say, humans do get attached to each other rather quickly. Its probably on account of their short lives. Yes, that must be it. Huh.

    We're sitting around the camp fire now, breaking our fast. Ceorl and Mona are, not surprisingly, sitting closer together then normal.

    Arol nudged my arm, "What's going on?" he seemed to ask. Ah, of course. He must be feeling all the strange and mixed emotions that encircled our bunch.
    "As if I know," I thought back to him, using words instead of emotions like I normally did. He had to learn speech sometime.
    His look of befuddlement increased for a moment, then he seemed to connect something and his eyes lit up.
    "Food?" he asked.
    I nearly jumped. He had used words!!
    Seeing I didn't answer right away he sent an image of himself eating one of the rabbits.
    "Yes, but," I answered, tossing him a crony. "You can understand speech?"
    He looked at me, then blinked and began devouring the rabbit with gusto.
    Well, at least I knew he could understand somethings.
    My face must have revealed something strange had happened, for when I returned to eating, I noticed all my companions were staring at me as if I'd gone mad.
    "What?" I said automatically.
    The tree of them looked at each other. "What??" I said again, wondering what on earth I had done to make them look at me so.
    Carathir finally took pity on me, "The expression on your face when you looked at Arol was if you had never before laid eyes on him."
    They shrugged. I sighed. "Arol just found his voice is all. It caught me off guard."
    Mona and Ceorl looked at me and nodded like they didn't believe me. But Caranthir, I was glad to see, understood.
    After we had cleared up the camp, we set out for my father's castle.
    Ceorl, I could see, was nervous at the thought of meeting the Royals, but not as nervous as I. What would become of Arol? He was over 80 weights by now. Would father up hold the law and have Arol killed, knowing that if he did he would lose his daughter? Elf children were rare indeed, and so the throne was not always passed down through the family. But would it matter? The Law was the Law. The thought haunted me like a shadow, striving to take over and drown me in darkness. I dreaded returning and so strove to slow time doing unnecessary chores around the fire. Digging a hole with my knife to dump the ashes of the fire into was just one of them.
    But at last the time came when there was nothing else to do.
    I sat on a log, chin resting on my hand, as Mona and Ceorl strapped the last packs to Jili who stood patiently by.

    I was aware of Caranthir sitting next to me, but I said nothing. My mind was once again full of dark, seemingly hopeless thoughts.
    "Troubled, princess?" The same words he had used two nights before, I remembered.
    I let out a long sigh and dropped my hand, my shoulders slumped. "You know what it is that troubles me." I said quietly in elvish.
    He raised an eyebrow. "Do I?" He to used the Fair Speech.
    Arol wandered over to us and plopped his head in my lap. A smile flitted across my lips and then vanished. This only made things harder. I stroked Arol's forehead, the way he loved. He crooned and closed his eyes.
    "I am torn." I said at last to Caranthir, looking into his silver eyes for what could be the first time. I was startled to see... what? Pity? Sorrow?... Understanding?
    He only nodded in reply to my revelation.
    I looked at Arol again. I knew I could never let him go.

  58. The castle loomed before them, and Mona felt the same claustrophobia she had when she first laid eyes on the building. She looked over at Ceorl. His eyes were flicking back and forth restlessly. Mona felt sick in the pit of her stomach. Sick with worry.
    The heavy wooden doors swung open and the elf guards marched out. They bowed to Evelynn. Mona stood awkwardly.
    It was Judgement Day... for all four of them.

    Gotta go do my homework now (ugh) but at least there's a good start!

  59. Caranthir felt nervous - an unusual emotion for him.
    After all, he had nearly asassinated the princess several times.
    They would have no reason to show him mercy, unless he could convince them he had changed.
    Evelynn was having similar thoughts run through her mind.
    She knew Caranthir had changed - but would the Elvenking and Elvenqueen know as well?
    How could they?
    And what about Mona and Coerl?
    Evelynn felt stubborness set in.
    She would keep him if it was the last thing she did.

  60. ~Evelynn~

    They were marched into the throne room, guards with them every step of the way. Evelynn had tried to speak with one she had recognized, but he had not answered.

    Evelynn had never come before the King and Queen as a commoner, such as they were being brought in now, and she wasn't sure what she felt. Hurt?

    The king was seated, his grand robes flooding over the marble throne. He showed not the slightest piece of recognition that his daughter stood before him.
    Evelynn looked for her mother but she was nowhere to be seen. That troubled her.

    Evelynn, Arol, Caranthir, Ceorl and Mona. All stood uncertain of their fate.
    Arol clicked his teeth, unsure what was happening.

    At length the King spoke. "You may leave." He said to the guards. They gave the company an uncertain look and then left, closing the massive doors behind them.

  61. ~Cont.~
    There was a long moment of silence. The king stood straight and tall. And silent.
    Evelynn could bare it no longer.
    "Ada," 'father', she spoke in elvish. She knelt before him and he turned his gaze on her. She could not decern any emotion from his ice blue eyes. "Father, please," she still used the elf tongue.
    "The law is the law." he said at last, holding her gaze.
    "What?" She looked at Arol, then back at her father and he nodded. "Father, no! Please!"
    He looked away.
    "Please, father! You don't understand, he-"
    "Don't understand?" The kings voice thundered about the room. The candle light wavered sending ghastly shapes across the wall. Everyone cringed at his fury. Arol gave a cry of fear.
    "It is you who does not understand, Evelynninari!"
    Evelynn shrank at the use of her full name.
    "Do you know what that dragon has caused?"
    Evelynn whimpered at his feet. The king forced her chin up so she would look him in the eyes. Tears of pure terror began to coursed down her cheeks.
    "Tell me," the kings voice dropped, but was no less terrifying. "Do you see your mother?"
    Evelynn shook her head, trying to look away.
    "Do you know why?" Again she was forced to shake her head.
    "It is because she is dead." The king threw her head to the side. Evelynn fell to the floor. The words hit her like lightning. Dead. Her mother was dead. Now she could see her father's actions were in grief. More tears poured down her face. She was no longer aware of her former companions, who stood stunned.
    "Do you know how she died?" The king went on his voice shaking. "She died of grief. Grief that her daughter chose to run away. Grief that her child could be dead or never return home." He turned again to her. "You KNOW elves die from broken hearts! You KNEW! And still you left!"
    By now Evelynn was sobbing, over the loss of her mother and the part she played in it.
    Arol was in distress; he strived to come to his master's aid, but Caranthir restrained him.
    "Papa," Evelynn sobbed, pleading. "Papa, please! Please forgive your daughter!" She could continue no more. Totally broken she wept, and no one comforted her.
    Her friends below looked on in absolute pity. But it was a helpless pity. What could they do? Caranthir was gripped with pain. He longed to comfort Evelynn. He wondered how the king, her own father, could be so cruel. But the worst was yet to come.
    "Keep your dragon." The king now had tears glittering in his own eyes. "Keep your friends. And keep this." He threw a chain at her knees, for she was still kneeling. She carefully took it up. It was a gold and silver necklace. A gold heart encircling the smaller silver one. It was the pendant that all fathers and their daughters wore, signifying their special bond. She looked at him, disbelieving.
    "I have no daughter." His words confirmed her fear.

    "No." she whispered. "No!"
    The guards came and took them away. Dragging Evelynn as she struggled. "No! Father, please!" She cried out in anguish. The king only turned away. And the doors closed.
    They were taken to the gardens, Evelynn still shouting and struggling. Once there, the elves said they could pass the night there as long as they left by morning.

  62. ~Continued Again! I didn't cut it very well the first time!~
    Evelynn crumpled at the base of a cherry tree, totally and completely broken. She cried for what seemed hours amidst her mother's favorite flowers, until her tears came no more. Then she was silent. Arol came over once, but she pushed him away. Craving nothing more than this to be some freakish nightmare.
    Caranthir knelt beside her. She tried to shove him away also, but he didn't leave.
    "Just go!" She choked.
    Caranthir looked at her with such pity.
    "Troubled, princess?"
    The words were so familiar. She broke into to fresh sobs. He gently held her and she cried into his shoulder, her own slender frame shaking.

    There was so much pain in the world.
    Whoa. That didn't turn out the way I expected! Ya know how your characters develop on their own? Yeah, thats what happened to me:) Well, now Evelynn has a chance at the forester life! Though, I got sad writing the part with her Da:'(

  63. Ooooh, no! ='-(

  64. Caranthir felt tears in his eyes, sadness for the Princess.
    She went through all of that - to come home to a furious father, a dead mother, and an imprisoned dragon?
    He stood and walked away quickly, leaving Evalynn.
    As he walked his pace quickened and he shifted. White fur replaced skin, but the silver eyes remained the same.
    He ran as fast as his four legs could carry him. The guards shouted and crossed their spears, but he jumped over the barrier with superhuman strength.
    He did not stop running until right before the king's throne, where he shifted back into an elf.
    "Your Highness," he ground out, "I have something to say."
    The King narrowed his eyes at him.
    He was not expecting the crushing punch that struck his face with dizzying force.
    "I let my fist do the talking for me," he spit out. "You are despicable, Highness. Your daughter showed considerable bravery in what she did. You have no idea!" Caranthir was breathing heavily, his eyes blazing with passion.
    "Who are you?" growled the king angrily, standing and ready to have this elf executed.
    "I am your daughter's assasin."

  65. Sorry about that last post! I kind of made another path to be walked, so to speak, instead of reaching the destination. :s I'll try and come to an almost closing with this part.
    Soon after Caranthir left, Evelynn had an idea of what he might do. Feeling numb, she stood and slid behind Mona who was talking quietly with Ceorl.

    "Mona," she breathed in the girls ear, causing her to jump. "I need to use your cloak."
    Mona nodded, an eyebrow raised. "What are you planning?" she whispered back, handing over the cloak.
    But Evelynn had no time to answer. As soon as the cloak was fastened about her, she silently slipped over the garden wall, hoping numbly that Caranthir hadn't done anything rash.
    The dark fabric of Mona's cloak helped her maneuver in the shadows and evade prying eyes.
    Inside the castle Keep, she stood outside the doors of the throne room. Inside she heard muffled booms. Magic. She closed her eyes; just a little too late.
    Slowly, she slid the bolt back. Then, mustering every ounce of courage, she gave a mighty shove at the doors, sending them slamming against their hinges.
    Carathir and the king stood facing each other, each posed as if to strike, words of spells on their lips.
    Evelynn used magic for the second time, but it was the same spell. "Stop." She said, her voice weary and yet oddly powerful. A wave of green light washed over everything and then disappeared, leaving the king and Caranthir immobilized where they stood. Slowly Evelynn came between them, her bare feet making no sound on the cold marble floor. Only the two silver bracelets on her right ankle clinked softly.
    She stopped when she was in the exact middle and looked from one to the other, turning her tear stained face last to her father. But no fresh tears flowed. The time for them had passed. Now only her eyes conveyed the sadness she felt.
    Walking to him, she took the king's partly raised hand in hers.
    "Ada," she said choosing the elf speech. "I forgive you. My only hope is that someday you will forgive me. After all," she glanced meaningfully at the sliver Cross that was etched behind the thrones. "He did."
    So saying, she moved back to Caranthir. She held his arm and he was released from the spell. Caranthir was speechless. Without a word and without letting go of his arm Evelynn proceeded to the doors. Just before closing them Evelynn said, "Namarie, Ada." And the king was released as well.

    Walking down the halls a great wave of fatigue over took Evelynn, she had no idea how hard it had been to hold back both Carathir and her father.
    Seeing her thus, Caranthir allowed her to lean on him, she nodded her thanks. In that moment Caranthir also found his voice.
    "How could you just forgive him?" He asked, both amazed and reproachful. "After all you went through, after-"
    "Caranthir," Evelynn's voice sounded distant and dream-like. "Do you know how long my parents were married?"
    Caught off guard at such a strange question, he shook his head, wondering if she was in her right mind.
    "One thousand, six hundred, forty eight years and nine months."
    Unsure of what else to say, he said, "That's a long time."
    Evelynn nodded. "And do you know how old I am?"
    Again he shook his head.
    "Seventeen." She paused. "That is almost less than one hundredth of their time together."
    She looked at Caranthir to see if he understood. He didn't.
    "If you had a fine horse for one hundred days and one for only one day which would you be most attached?"
    "The older one, surely."
    "Yes. And if the younger one caused the older's death, doubtless you would despise it, for you hardly knew it compared to the other. Don't you see?" She turned and faced him. "My mother was his life. Compared to her I am no more than an acquaintance." She searched his face for understanding.
    "He still should not have treated you in such a way."
    She bowed her head. "Perhaps not. But he did. " She looked up again. "We cannot change the past. But we can try for a better future. Eventually he will see. Why make him suffer the same pain I am now?"

  66. Aw, too bad this ended. So we'll just assume everyone lived happily ever after, then?

    Ëarwen and Bethany (Gwyn you can take this off if it's advertising), I am about to start a role play on HorseFeathers! The cutoff for signups is tomorrow at noon, but you guys could join late if you wanted.


  68. Yeah, I'm both happy and sad its over :s
    Eventually{like in several months} we could have a second part... maybe.

  69. Ooooh yes, please let's!