Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Back' to school...

*sigh* Tomorrow I indeed go 'back' to
 school. Logically, I never left since I'm homeschooled, but still, it hardly makes it any easier. This year I have a lot to do and I will list them for those of you who are interested in the homeschooling ways:
First we start off our morning with Bible and/or devotional and prayer. Then I have my own studies:
Memory Work(a Bible passage, memorized)
Shakespeare or Plutarch
Geography/map work
Nature Studies
Copywork (copying long poems to help with penmanship and/or calligraphy)
History and Ancient Myths, etc.
Current Events
Narration(of books we are set to read. Mostly, it to ensure I actually read my assignments:S)
Handicrafts/ Life Skills (like cooking. Yes, my brothers have to take it too!)
Art Appreciation (learning about the artist, why they painted it, what its meaning is, etc...)
Music Appreciation (see above and apply music terms)
Home Comforts(What is that?! First time I've heard of it!)

And yeah, that should keep me pretty busy.
We all have to be on time for school, too. You must be dressed(Duh!), bed made, breakfast eaten, and, most importantly, you must have your assigned animals fed and watered. All that done and you must be seated at the table by 8 o'clock sharp. It gets really hard in winter when you have to break the ice in the water tanks. Most of the time there's more than 6" of ice, or you could be out there an hour, smashing the ice with your ice breaker(a sharp mettle pole) only to find that the whole tank is frozen solid. Very annoying and exasperating. If that is the case, then you have to haul water in a five gallon bucket all the way from the hydrant. On average it takes well over fifteen buckets to water nine or so horses. 
Ah, but I make winter sound like the worst thing ever!(it is. jk, jk!) There are of course good parts too. Like, the horses and ponies all fluffy with their winter coats, they look like regular teddy bears! lol! Their nickers of appreciation when you feed them. The cat curled up on a hay bale, sleeping in a faint ray of sun. The bunnies jumping about, excited about their new white surroundings. The dogs bounding through the drifts(Hooey trying to be elegant doing it. Without success) and the delicious taste of hot choco in the morning as you try and warm your feet, cold with the touching of the frozen floor.

Yes, I think I am slightly excited for it all, but I'd rather have a few more years of summer....:)


  1. =| Wow. When I was homeschooled I just had the basic classes. Since I was swimming all the time I didn't take PE.

    Are you happy with all that or dreading it? I got my (public) school schedule in the mail the other day and am horrified at the amount of classes I have. Especially American History. I really, really don't like American history...

  2. Hmmmm...... Kinda both. Right now, when everything is fresh and new I'm excited but I know later on I'll dread school as usual.
    I agree with you on Americans His., though, history is one of my fav subjects, I like it only up to about 1629 or so. My favorite time was studying the Crusades! That was amazing! I want to do it again and again!

  3. I always dread going back to school. We're going back September 2nd. shudders......

  4. oh I can't wait for school to start!

  5. What grade are you going into?

  6. But all those things you study sound so interesting! We don't have such lovely names for these subjects over here.
    Well I guess that when I homeschooled we had a very similar schedule than you did. And we did have nice names for the subjects we studied^^