Monday, August 3, 2009

A Late Arrival

My cousins got in rather late Saturday. They were soposed to land at 10:30pm but after several setbacks and much confusion they landed at 1:26, so it was 2:54am before we got home.
All was not lost, however, during the time we waited at a dingy Perkins for three hours. As luck would have it we got a table next to six Australian bikers up for the rally! It was very interesting and entertaining listening to them; you ought to hear them say "Wyoming", its hilarious! They had very good humors, and they needed to because my sister wanted them to get her a koala so she could name it 'Cucho' :D Then we tried to convince dad to put his glass up-side down on their table*. He didn't know what it meant. LOL! He didn't do it either... drat. lol!
* In Australia if you do that in a bar it basically means you think you can beat anyone there in a fist fight.:P
My lil' bro J sat down to the table and was ready for a feast. He almost got an Open-Faced-Turkey-Sandwich. 
*coughs* J, it's 11 o' clock! 
J: So? I'm hungry! And we never go out to eat!
He eventually settled for a grilled cheese sandwich and fruit instead. *rolls eyes* Little boys....!  
Well, I've got to go practice for Em's Senior Recital!  I'll have to finish later...:)


  1. Too bad he didn't to the glass thing it would be funny!

  2. Hi Gwyn... I thought you'd like to know that Ancient Oak Stables is having a track racing competition and that you might want to participate with Sunset Charade. Come on over and sign up... the competition is on August 6th but that may be extended.
    Hope to see you there!
    We might be moving to New Zealand in a few years. Gosh, that'll be entertaining... LOL!