Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Fur Friends: long neglected

I just realized(to my horror!) that I have not posted anything about my animals! The very same animals that make my life wonderful, fantastic, interesting, envied by others, and beautiful! Imagine what people must think! An animal lover that never mentions her own animals! *gasp!* Okay, settle down now. *breathe*
Now that I have seen my utter folly I will introduce you to my Fur Friends:
First is Mr Bunn. My widdle bun-bun! lol! Actually he's a vicious ninja bun. Yeah, no joke. I've got the scars!
This is Miffy my little brother's rabbit. She looks just like Mr Bunn but she panics instead of fighting. (they're both Mini Lops)
Grimalkin, named after the cat in King of the Wind, is very sweet and nice to have around as a mouser.
Right. This is Herold the 2nd(Herold the 1st died) He is a Fire Bellied Newt
And this smiling pup is Hammie, an Ausi/Corgi mix. He is the cutest, spunkiest dog I've ever met and I love him soooooo much!
This is Hooey( a hooey is a part of a calf roper's rope) She's a Blue Heeler/Border Collie cross and the herder/ringleader of the Trio
This is Molly, a Lab/Retriever and the sweetest dog ever! She has never bit or otherwise harmed anyone, and she's almost nine! She's also 'mother hen' to our chickens:)
These guys are Tricksy(L)  and her grown colt Double Stuff('cause he looks like those cookies:P) They're both Welsh Ponies
On the right we have Wilber. The not-so-amazing horse mentioned in my 'About Me'. I really don't like him because he is really stupid. I'm not being mean, I'm serious. He might actually have something clinically wrong with his brain. He can be quiet and docile one moment and the next he might try and kill you like you're a threat. He's a messed up Quarter Horse.
This is Saber aka. 'Teddy Bear'. He used to be a hot shot barrel racer in his day, but now he lives in happy retirement.
Roanie the pink pony! Well, not really a pony, just another Quarter. She's the one I've started riding this year. 
Bingo. How do I explain her? She was my best friend and comfort. My favorite. My world. We goat tied, pole bended, barrel raced, relayed,  raced, explored, jousted, you name it, we did it all together! But all to soon she became to old to ride. She's now in retirement too.(Welsh Mt. Pony)
This here is Cokie, a Quarter horse with a stripe of Thoroughbred you'll feel the instant your bum hits the saddle. (the reason she's so fat is that she has a metabolism problem)
Shyanne:) my baby and my racer. We'll go places! (Quarter H.)
Oh, Corona! My sisters baby. He's a sweet heart to those he trusts(Me and my sister). He was abused before my sister found him and so is pretty spooky. He is very smart, though, he'll come when you call him and he knows how to bust the bunnies out, and he gets into all sorts of things he shouldn't.

I guess that wraps up my Fur Babies! All except the chickens and other stock that don't attach themselves to you. Now I hope you'll know what I'm talking about if I mention one of them!



  1. You are soo lucky to be able to have soo many animals!!!!!!! I like your horses! I am an animal lover as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Harold and all the horses, especially Corona, he is so pretty. Poor boy =(

    I beg to differ about the chickens not attaching themselves to you... our flock comes running when we call them, know their individual names, and most looove to be held. The three babies we hatched this spring (not so babyish anymore, their voices are just changing =)) are the most docile, they love baths.
    What else do you have? Cows? Goats?

  3. Well.... I see your point. I'm sure chickens can attach themselves to people, just, ours don't. Except maybe to mum... Idk. I had some bad experiences with them when I was little. lol
    Corona is definitely the gem of our pasture as far as looks and sweetness go:)
    And it's been awhile since we've had cows on our place and we had to give our goats back:( It was a sad day.

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  5. Fun! I love my animals too--- aren't they wonderful???????

    Do you write poetry??? 'Cause I'm doing this poetry thing on my blog... I thought of yo and guessed you'd like it! =D



  6. Hmm.. poetry? Well, I'm not great but I did write one for school last year... I'll dig it out, though I know I won't win if I post it! :P

  7. They are lovely! I really enjoyed "meeting" them. I wish I could come some day and you would introduce me to your lovely friends, haha! I love horses.

  8. :D Yeah, it would be so neat to meet all my bloggie buddies!