Saturday, December 14, 2013

snowponies | i change my name

i'd like to thank you all once again for your prayers and kind words you left on my last post about Charlie. it seems i've been asking for prayers quite a lot lately, but you always come through.
 thank you. 
it wasn't long after we lost Charlie that we realized we couldn't live with the paralyzing stillness that invaded our house or the left behind toys. we contacted the breeder and learned that by some miracle she had a litter ready to go from Charlie's own parents! So meet his younger brother Tuppence. :)
Is it pathetic that I am over the moon about having a sick day? at last! finally i'm ill enough to stay in bed and work on that mountain of photos and blog posts! Yup, pathetic.
 Despite the cold snap we suffered last week (-30* was the lowest temp recorded by our brave little thermometer) that kept us indoors and close to the fire (I am Lord of the Flame), I have remained up to the nostrils in busyness of one kind or another. I still nanny my nephew (hence forward known as 'Bug') full time, and musically preform at various functions & social gatherings with my friend Songbird.
 Then there has been the enormous task of decorating the house for Christmas, but there will be a post about that in future. I hope.
Turning to blog/writing related things, I've been meaning to - after four years - perhaps... change my Blogger name? I chose 'Gwyn' when I first started because that was Cilla's name all that long time ago, and I had planned on using this blog to write TLOS. That obviously didn't pan out.
 And now that I have a proper nom de plume for my novels, I see little point in keeping the name Gwyn when it is no longer attached to anything of importance. So from now on, if it's not terribly confusing, call me Hazel?
 My pseudonym Hazel Marie has ties to two very important women in my life who have influenced me a great deal and whom I love so very much. It just feels right to honor them, even if in such a small way.

I hope to write up a few more posts before this sickness passes, so that there won't be such a gaping holes between hearing from me. I also plan on introducing more writerly-related posts and perhaps even challenges in future!
xoxo Hazel Marie


  1. Those photos of your horses are absolutely stunning :))). And the puppy is adorable :)

    I love the new name. Very pretty and it reminds me of my great-grandmother who passed a few months ago (Her name was Marie) :)))


  2. I really like your horses!