Monday, February 3, 2014

call me a blackbird

"blackbird can't keep 'is word!" - raggedy yorkshire child

Why don't we just go ahead and agree that every time I say I'll have more time to write/ will write up some posts in advance, that I am suffering from one of those moments of optimistic illusion. I deeply regret not having a Christmas or New Years post, because I had already take many fabulous (in my mind) and artsy photos to correlate with words of seasonal hope and comfort. All for naught, it would seem.
 Well, maybe next Christmas post I can cheat and sneak in a few from last year and no one will be the wiser... Yes, good plan.
To the present!
 Because it's nearly the 14th (you may have to squint your eyes at the calendar) and it's been over a month since any decent festivities have gone down, this morning I made heart-shaped sugar cookies that I have every intention of frosting with garishly pink icing and Red Hot candies. I need this kind of joy in my life.
  This is by far and away the best sugar cookie recipe I've ever found. It's easy-peasy and the dough rolls out so smoothly you'll feel like you know what your doing in a kitchen for once. Once baked the cookies themselves are fluffy and soft like angel cheeks, and they stay soft.
We've just gotten over the January thaw and are again plunged into the spiteful claws of winter. Boo.
It happens every year: we get a week or two of temperatures above freezing and the first seed catalog arrives. You find it sitting in the mailbox like it's no big deal. Like your mind totally doesn't start pulling out concept files on building a new garden fence, new chicken house, what all to plant where this year, and maybe we should start looking at tillers, remember what it's like not to wear shoes? I bet we can start the ponies on jumps this Spring, and GOATS?? calculate cost of purchasing, housing, and keeping two dwarf goats...
 And just when you're about ready to break out the hammers and garden trowels BOOM -5* and snowing. Instant depression. You really start questioning why you live where you live. And you start checking flights to the equator (more depression).
 That's what seed catalogs do to me.
I realize that this photography is rather uninspired, but I tell ya. When your sick to death of that white stuff, making it look interesting and fresh is difficult, to say the least.
I don't want to say I'll write again soon for fear that you won't hear from me till July, but I really hope I've found a time I can carve out for blogging each week. In the mean time, you can find me occasionally on Pinterest!
 Hold on to those Spring dreams, kids.
 ~hazel marie


  1. I love this post! Living in a country that doesn't get much snow, I'm actually a bit jealous of all that sparkly white stuff! :) The photos are super pretty.

    And now, I really want heart-shaped cookies.

  2. I would gladly send you all my snow! and maybe some cookies too :}

  3. Seriously... what Hazel said. (Beautiful name, by the way.) We've got more than a fair share of snow over here so far, and we're getting more! We'd be delighted to share! ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: Crazy Cat Lady →

  4. I sympathize with the seed-catalog syndrome!! In high school, when I did a really bang-up garden every year, I got like 6 seed catalogs and would juts pore over them for hours in front of the fire, making endless lists. It seems to be a universal disease of the snowbound. (Although in the Pacific Northwest, I was rarely actually snowbound!)
    Enjoyed your post :)

  5. I'm with Hannah Mary on this, send some of that white stuff down to Florida, will you.

    (also some cookies would be nice since I'm much too lazy and dysfunctional in the cookie making genre to make my own)

  6. You can use our tiller if you like when Spring finally arrives. In the meantime, think of toasty fires, hot tea, and the glittering coolness now in comparison to the blithering heat of July. Which probably doesn't help, but, you know....