Thursday, November 1, 2012

a blerg of words for you

Hello, ye few who may (just) remember my existence. I have some words for you. Explanation-like words. But a small amount - not enough to be called a post. So we'll just stick with blerg.
 (Because it's a funny, weird little word, that's why.)
You have not seen hide nor hair of me for a month for these reasons:
 + No internet here at the house. We're just closing in on a solution.
 + Adventures in Charleston, S.C. mid month -- a series of posts to elaborate (eventually).
 + Ugly Issues at my end. (The only cures to feelings I find, is copious amounts of chocolate, riding, and war biography reading sprees. And tea. Tea always&forever a fixer on grey days.)
 And a new as-of-today excuse: NaNoWriMo. Oh, yes, I'm going to try again. This time it's a haphazard journey through Peru involving the lost city of Paittiti, Incan gold, a Scottish journalist of Middle Eastern decent (her idea.), a devil-may-care American in search of adventure, and really big spiders.

I am being purposely vague on all these things because, in my deranged and fantastical mind, I believe that I will have the time and will power (not to mention words) to give each of these topics the post & pictures they deserve. If you'd like, though, you can browse my Pinboard for my NaNo novel. It's a bit chaotic, I warn you because I thought we (Walker, Sim, and myself) were starting out going after some lost Crusaders' treasure or something across seas and deserts and things, but they convinced me that that was the second book and I had to write the first in order to tell of how they met and other such rubbish, crushing my dreams of camels and warlords and Templar tombs.
 I moaned about this to Mum. She told me that I was the one writing the story and should do as I please.
 I laughed. Hysterically.


  1. Those who don't write have no idea of how LITTLE control we have over our own stories.

    I'm doing NaNoWriMo too!

    I actually SHOULD be writing...instead of commenting...

  2. Well, thank you for commenting anyway :) I personally believe that being a writer and being a procrastinator are two sides of the same coin. :P

  3. OH my, your Nano novel sounds... incredible. As in, the best Nano novel I've heard of. Post snippets for me maybe? ;)

  4. Oh, yes, you'll get some snippets :) Perhaps when I'm further down the line and deeper into the writing jungle with it. Only day 2, you know....
    ......oy vey is that all??

  5. Hello,

    We, my sister and I, are just starting our own blog and became followers of The Country Handmaiden. Now we are browsing her following list (on her profile page) and your blog title caught our attention.

    We have much to learn about blogging, so it may be a slow start. We hope to get ideas from other blogs and how it's done.

    We are following your blog.