Monday, October 1, 2012

oh, here i am falling

 Miss me much? Well, if you have I'm afraid you'll have to miss me some more once this post says the end, for the internet has decided it no longer wished to reside in our house and, despite pleadings and threats, has not and will not return in the foreseeable future. So I'm writing from a coffee shop.
 In the meantime the leaves have turned, the frost has frosted, and Jack and I keep snapping stills at an alarming rate.
 The harvest is in -- first successful year for carrots! colorful carrots! Four gallons of tomatoes, several acorn squash, gourds, and a hill of beans. And a few mangled-looking cucumbers, but they aren't really worth mentioning.

 I started (can you guess? ugh.) another story. I am ashamed. But not enough to stop writing it. To justify it I have deciding to ditch The Artist's Daughter for at least the time being. I can't really go into details yet, but here's its (haven't named it yet) Pinboard, if you'd care to take a look.

 Little Brother and I have been riding he daylights out of Piggy(the black pony) and Double Stuff (the b&w creature to the left) daily for a month all in aid of....

 ....our imminent journey to the Southern Coast! Yes, my friends, this girl is going on her first vacation, first plane trip, first look at the sea.... the list of firsts is enormous and I am beyond excited. I've always wanted to travel and I'd like to believe that this is where my globe-trekking career takes off.
 Anyway, the ponies come in on the financial side of things. See, LB and I don't have any real spending moony to take on our trip and Da doesn't believe in allowances..... so he gives us little jobs to justify giving us moony. If we ride the fat off those piggy ponies everyday for a month up until the day we lift off, he'll hand over a little nosh. Um, can this be my income job for life? Seriously.
 Pay me to ride and read books and critique films. That is my wish in life. :)
I am out of time, I must sever my self from this brief drink of interwebs, and return once more to the barren dessert of No Signal. Sad day. I must say, the thing I miss most are my Pinboards. I didn't realize how much I relied on them for novel inspiration. But I do. I might just have to print out everything. ha.
 Well sé leviu! for now! I hope to return soon.


  1. Sorry to hear about your no-internet thing. But it's good to hear from you just the same!
    (The ponies look great by the way)

  2. Hi! I love your blog! :)

    ~ Jess