Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear Hammie,
 It's always you, isn't it?
 Always you, my baby boy, that things happen to.
 Wednesday was pretty much a nightmare, when Hammie got run over in the driveway as my older brother left for class. Luckily it was the driveway so the car was going pretty slow. All the same, Hammie was hurt pretty bad and we couldn't tell where so we ran him in to the vet.
 At the office they asked me to put him on the scale. Now, I've been suffering under some kind of sickness most of the week and Wednesday seemed to be the day it peaked. I was feverish and unbelievably weak and shaky. None the less I struggled and eventual was able to get all 58 pounds of Ham onto the scale, though I nearly fainted afterwards. (58 pounds, my goodness Hammie likes his chow.)
 From there they took him and treated him for pain and shock, and said they would X-ray him once he stabilized. They called us late in the afternoon with the results: That Hammie's pelvis was broken in two places, and his sacroiliac (the place where the spine meets the pelvis) was also broken. They said the bones themselves are fixable, but there was concern over whether or not his nerves had been damaged, the danger being his back legs could be paralyzed. It was late in the day so they said they would test and call us in the morning.
Wondering whether or not you will have to make the call and put down one of your best friends in the morning makes for a very hard and sleepless night full of worry and fear.
Thanks be to Jesus, the vet called with good news about Hammie's nerve and we were able to bring him home that afternoon. Once his right leg heals enough to stand on, we'll take him back to be operated on.
I'm pretty much his full time nurse along with Da, so I'm afraid NaNo once again must leave me behind. I'm pretty sure it's cursed for me. The last time I did NaNo I got sick and then Double Stuff got a bad case of colic. So I may never attempt it again for the sake of my animals. :)

Dear Hammie,
 I love you, silly old bear.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and concern for Hammie! They're much appreciated :)
@Scarlett Pimpernel: Hammie is a half corgi, half Australian Shepherd -- good eyes :) 


  1. Oh, so sorry about Hammie, Gwyn! That is always hard when one of your "family members" {almost} if you will, is sick, or in pain. I'll be praying that he heals well, and that you won't be too worn out with 'doctoring'.

    He is such a cutie... ♥

    xx, mikailah

    P.S. Also praying that you feel better! That is no fun.

  2. Glad things turned out alright for, Hammie. ;) Hope he feels better soon!

  3. Poor Hammie, I hope he gets better soon. Don't worry about NaNoWriMo there is always a next time.

  4. Oh, what a sweet dog. I'm so sorry he got hurt. Get well soon Hammie!

  5. Is he an Australian Shepard by any chance?

  6. I'm glad he ended up OK. We lost a pup to a car accident a couple of years ago and it is hard when you see your best friend on the table and you have to make that decision. Thankfully your Hammie was OK :). Even if it means you have to stop NaNo ;)


  7. Oh, so glad he's okay! When I saw the post I was 99% sure he had died!

    You must be under some weird Nano curse...

  8. Oh my goodness, that's awful. But I'm so glad he's going to be alright.