Thursday, April 26, 2012

And she was singing 'Five green speckled frogs...'

Five green speckled frogs
Sitting on a hollow log
Eating the most delicious bugs

One jumps into the pool
Down where it's nice and cool
Now there's four green speckled frogs
Sitting on a hollow log.....

Imagine me waltzing barefoot along a country road belting out this round at the top of my lungs {punctuated with a few 'ow!'s here and there; my feet are still soft}, camera swinging with every step at my side, and you have a pretty good idea of my yesterday evening. And while we were out, Jack and I discovered something...
It was the smell that alerted me at first... or rather it descended on me with all the grace of a tidal wave. A big wall of scent buffeting against the old sniffer. A honey-sugar smell so sweet it near turns the stomach. It could mean only one thing, so I followed my nose, and sure as the whiskers on your face...
  The chokecherry bush-tree-things are in bloom.

I ambushed My Kitty while she was napping and proceeded to annoy her with the snapping of my shutter. But we have hardly any photos of her and she really does deserve to be remembered as the best barn cat ever. She may look not-very-nice in the pictures but that's just because she's cheesed off at me. She's really quite friendly, and never scratches. {Unless you try giving her a tractor ride, to which she says "No, thank you!"}
At this point you are probably asking yourself if this whole post was just an excuse for me to post some of my latest photos.... Well, yes it was. Is. {Should that be past- or present-tense?} But not entirely, I suppose. You see, I have been experimenting with fonts for my watermarks and I can't quite decide on one. These are a few that I've pared it down to. Is there one you like best?

I've got to go now -- once again my smell-sense it tipping me off, this time that supper might be burning. I think I was supposed to take it out when the timer went off. Wondered what it was going off for at the time.


  1. I love how you're so poetic and then,

    "the chokecherry bush-tree things." :D

  2. That song! For a while I've been trying to remember a song about frogs I learned a long time ago--I think that might be it. :)

    The first watermark font I especially like. Your photos are lovely!!

    1. Mm hm when the little frog dived, mm hm when the little frog dived. Mm hm when the little frog dived, everyone gathered to say mm hm ah!

      But we know frogs go, loddy doddy da, loddy doddy da. But we know frogs go, loddy doddy da. Not Mm hm ah!

      That's the song we've always sang. Your supposed to make ridiculous facial expressions with it as well. Lol

  3. Isnt new Camera THE best thing?

  4. Your cat is beautiful. Love those 'hunter' eyes!
    My favorite watermark is the one on the cat picture. But I do like them all.


  5. Gorgeous pictures! :-)
    I just wanted to swing on by your *lovely* blog to let you know about some news regarding my old blog that you follow, Below the Plateau (
    I stopped blogging on Below the Plateau last year, and decided to start up a brand new blog. It is named Gabby Marie, and I would *love* for you to stop on by and take a peek! Here is the url { }
    Hope to see you there!

    Have a great day and God bless,

  6. Great photos!

    Wow,your cat looks eerily like mine lol.

    I'm having the same problem deciding on a font for my watermark. I've been using Pristina, but it doesn't always show up well on busy photos. I don't really like bold font though, so . . . I'm in the same boat you're in hehe.