Sunday, April 22, 2012

O'joy! O'rapture!

Happiness is...
+ A Canon Rebel T3 at last arriving on my doorstep. Three years of scrounging and saving all income but for church offerings. Playing grueling hours for gigs, doing odd jobs, raiding old piggy banks... and at last Jackson {just 'Jack' for short} is home. Yes, I did name it. Why Jackson? 'cause it's a Rebel. 
+ God sending a brief and refreshing rain right after Jack arrived, providing stunning first photo opportunities for me! The sky was beyond gorgeous. I snapped pictures like a maniac, delighting in the satisfactory snap of the shutters and squealing out "Jack's got a little voice!" as it dutifully endeavored to focus on each new object presented. Jack and I shall be great pals.
+ Petrichor: The smell of earth after rain.
+ My sister coming home between semesters. It's her birthdays today so, HOPPY BIFDOG! When you finally get here I will have to show you everything I've learned so far about Jack! So, be warned. I'm about as crazy happy over this camera as Little Brother is over his fish. I'll remember to restock the tea, too, before you get here, 'cause last time at Christmas we plowed through at least four boxes of that stuff. I know you are really fit and healthy running all those marathons down there in the sunny south and you want the whole fam to run a 5k while you're up here, but seriously... please don't make me. I'll be puffing like a punctured blowfish by the 1/2 mile marker.
 Aside from that and Mum nagging us kids to get trotting so we can be all primed for your arrival {Pass the Easter clearance jelly beans, would'ya}, your coming is greatly anticipated. xoxo
+ A totally spiffing couple of rides today with my Pink Horse{my Roanie} and Porkpie{The Black Pony}.  Porky could have been sweeter, but really I don't think she enjoyed being all softened up with a nice curry and then getting thrown into the real Tabasco, i.e. getting a saddle slapped on her and being generally worked into a lather. Ah, but it was good for her. We learned things.
 Roanie was her usual amazing self for me, which seems to disappoint Da, for when he used to take her out he thought her leaning toward the wrong side of the scatter-brain/dump-the-rider-and-bolt scale. I think she just doesn't at all enjoy the hackamore Da likes so well.
+ Happiness is very much the relief of finishing the piano recital alive and in one piece. After weeks and weeks of working on Farewell to Ireland, a song a grade or two higher than my playing ability, hacking and arranging it almost out of recognition in order to have it memorized by the concert date, wigging out the last couple of days, and generally wearing my fingers down to nubs on my brother's keyboard {which has earphone jacks so I could practice well past 10pm} -- at last all trials are past, for it is over. Apart from a few stumblings and the time my foot slipped off the peddle making a noise like the gates of YouKnowWhere slamming shut, it all went rather well. It was with a sigh and a grin that I stepped off the stage and back into the anonymity of the audience, to continue watching similar terror-stricken fish waltz up and do the same, likewise relieved and amazed that it had gone as well as it did and they were yet alive.

So that is happiness for today.Turns out I'm quite jovial. If jovial is in fact the word I'm looking for....
 Well, anyway...

Toodles, my good friends!


  1. Heyyy there! I've missed your sweet and funny posts...good to have ya back!

    and huzzah for the camera! you are going to do so many amazing things with it. :D :D :D the photos here are lovely...that sunset in particular.

  2. Hello :) I've been reading your blog for a while now, but am only now finding time to actually comment :)
    Your photo's are spectacular, and I know how stressful recitals can be. At least you are decent and do practice. I would procrastinate and then somehow pull it off at the last minute. I'm so glad that I no longer have recitals... Horses, moving and the upcoming show season are WAY more than enough stress for me right now.

  3. Hey there! I just found your blog, and I lo-ove it. :) And congrats on your new camera. I think the name is very fitting, btw. :)

    I am following you now; come visit me, and follow if you have the inking. ;)


  4. this post had me honestly smiling like an idiot at my computer screen...especially your description about your recital. ohh I know how that goes.
    so so excited for you with your new camera--I recently just got a T3i and I couldn't be happier. I love your reasoning for his name...mine is named Bert. maybe they could be friends? (: and also, that click of the shutter with a long-awaited camera--best feeling ever, right? (:

  5. Congrats on the new camera! The second photo is my very favorite.

  6. Yay for the new camera and sister's birthday!! :D

    And for the piano recital going so well. :) My foot slips off the pedal a lot too lol.