Monday, May 7, 2012

I'mma barber || Painting with café

Why spend mounds of money at some frou-frou pet grooming salon when you can achieve results like this with a little application and some blunt shears?
Disclaimer: I cannot promise your pet will be particularly happy with the results.... in fact it may just wander miserably away, embarrassed by the sight of its own self and generally hating the world (or you).
  I myself am quite proud, mostly because I never once drew blood (which is more than a certain other person could say last year). I sheared nearly a five-gallon bucketful of hair off Hammie. You wouldn't believe the hair on that dog. He may be half Corgi half Ausi shepherd, but I'mma thinking there's some alpaca in there too. 
Aaaaand since we're talking of dogs, here's a pic of Hooey for good measure. Weasel Dog. Toad. She has many nicknames. Mostly because she's a big mooch. And very gun-shy, which is why it is very hard to take a picture of her -- she thinks you're trying to shoot her. Either that or she follows that ancient belief that when the photo is developed the subject's soul is stolen. Not quite sure when or where that idea originated.
 But anyway. The best shot (ha.) of getting a photo of Weasel is to grab her firmly round the middle, shove the camera in her face, and hope for a good picture.

On a completely  unrelated note -- painting! with coffee! not as easy as the tutorial made it look! But lots of fun, none the less. Painting with coffee is a lot like painting with watercolors or much more wet. Much more. Therefore you have to wait between 'coats', otherwise it'll all just wash out. So, yeah. Lots of time to think about things like.... I wonder if Da will flip when he finds out how much of his instant coffee I'm using.... Make that if he finds out...
 I'll probably do it again, though, because I really do like the color tones. If you would like to try it, here's a link to my Pinterest board where you can find the tutorial: [do it yourself]

Apart from those little dittys, Sister's here so there's been birthday caking, jelly bean eating, Hunger Games watching (second time for me, hooray!), rainy days, sunny days, and happy new pasture! crazy horses.
  Long live happiness.


  1. I wish I could draw! :-/.

    Hey, mind if I bring my Jack Russel to your house? Or, maybe I'll try cutting her ubber annoying hair off myself...

  2. This post was so neat! I was in stitches when you were talking about grooming your dog. HILARIOUS!

    I just finished bathing/blow drying/brushing my 115 lb. great white pyrenees. She must be part alpaca also, cause I've never seen so much hair come off in my life.

    I love the coffee painting! So different and pretty.

    Just found your blog, and I really like it!


  3. Very nice. I have been painting with coffee for a while now and really love the sepia tones. If you want you can check out my work at...
    God bless

  4. Your dog is so cute! And your painting is awesome. Coffee? Who knew!

  5. Well, we know Hammie would never think those things about YOU!! ;D

    I had a gun shy German Shepherd who was terrified of cameras too!!!

    Wow! That coffee painting is so cool! You did a really good job. :D