Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not feeling philosophical

Hello, everyone! How's your summer going? Good. Speaking of summer, that's what my post is going to be about today. A sort of summer recap/photo montage/howcowit'salreadyAugust21st!
{gasthp! I just remembered tomorrow is my parents' 30th anniversary! Gaahh!!}

Also on the subject of this wonderful time of year, I've been seeing a lot of bloggers posting about wishes for autumnal weather, and I'm like ....whaaa?? Are you bannaners??
 You see, some of us have to live with six months of snow. Six. Months. That's like eight lives in human years, people. So when the leaves start turning, it's a cry fest. For me at least.
 But enough of this disheartening talk! On with the photos!
The essence of summer itself. But I have to ask, Am I the only one who buys cherry so I don't go around  looking like a loon with blue teeth? I mean, seriously. Whatever kind of syrup they use, that dye will not come off your face for three months, short of skinning yourself. It's probably chock full of bad things like rat poison, too. But, hey, who really cares, right? It's a little $2.50 bowl of icy-cherry goodness on a hot day at the reptile and jungle bird garden.
I've rather neglected my blog in the last few months, for proof you need only look at the header; it's been there for since May. My posts are also becoming increasingly rare, it seems. If you've been wondering about this, I shall tell you why. No, it's not the usual "I'm busy".
I just seem to have run out of things to say. Sad really, but true. Ideas for posts used to spring to mind very often and I would just run with it, sprinkling photos throughout. But now it appears my life has become to dull to write home about. Or maybe I'm just doing the same things I've already posted about several times. I mean, I can't imagine you wanting to read about my every ride.
Unhappily, this pall has seeped into into my writing career as well. I lack the words to express myself properly, especially when it comes to TLOS. I'm trying so hard to get it right this go round that my style has become stiff and uncomfortable. Nothing wants to flow.
 Mum wants to start school again this week, so maybe that will help. I seem to write best when I should be doing a math lesson. Oooh how I'm dreading algebra 1!
My eldest sister was here for an in-between semester break lasting for ten days. We of course rode horses {can you imagine living without a horse??}, went back-to-school clothes shopping where I got three shirts for decent prices. Thank you, Gordmans! Love that place because lets compare:
 1 solid color cami:
American Eagle - $15.99
Gordmans - $4.99
Yeah. No contest.
 Did you know that in the Bible, modesty of clothing applies not only to the neckline but the price? In other words, it's not very modest {and certainly not practical} to go out an buy $150 jeans. But you knew that, right?
"Summer is butter running down your chin and corn mush between every tooth." - Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes are simply the best. I picked up two new books of theirs the other day when we went shopping. In case you haven't heard Borders is bankrupt and going out of bis. everywhere, so if you're lucky like I was you can nab some Calvins and Hobbes for six bucks a piece and spend the long car ride home laughing into your seat cushion.
You know me. I love snakes. Well, most snakes... You see that? That is the face of the devil incarnate. It is also the only snake that will actually make me feel uncomfortable looking through the Plexi glass of its exhibit. Boas, I can handle. Black Mambas? Awesome. But rattle snakes...? shudder. I've had a few encounters with them and they are just evil. They'll try an get you with no provocation. They are also the snake that is up top on the Big Vicious Killer Snake USA list at #1. They are responsible for the most human snake-bite related fatalities in the States.
 So, Mr. Rattler? Just go away. And leave my dogs alone.
Meanwhile my little brother is bent on burning down the kitchen with his omelet-making. Just as long as he doesn't try flipping in the pan. He's tried that with pancakes to disastrous effect. Aiiiieeeeee!!! What is he doing with the pilot light???? I gotta go!! -gwyn


  1. Haha! Your blog posts = a laughing, happy me. Totally. Oh and funny thing, my last post had to do with the goodness of red snowcones as well!!:D Let's face it---there amazing, and no matter the age, you never outgrow them!
    Great post, love the pixxxx:)

  2. I understand you guys lovin' summer. If you were in FL, or the south, it might not be the same. :-D

    I practically live through the summer only to enjoy winter. lol

    Snakes are ok with me, as long as they aren't pack full of venom. 8 foot Rattlers in our front yard, not so sweet. *shivers*

  3. We love snow cones around our place. Hmm...I don't usually get Cherry, but I like raspberry and strawberry sometimes. But my favorite is actually chocolate or coconut flavored snow cones.

    EWWWWWWWWW....I hate those snakes. YUCK.

  4. You've got an awesome blog! And I'm your new follower! YAY!
    Lovely to meet you!

  5. Thank you all for the tremendous complements :) You make me blush.
    And thank you for stopping by {and even following!} Romi and Heather!

    Mary, I agree. Snowcones for evaaaa!!

    Ashley, I will send you my snow, mkay? I bet you would have a lot of fun with it. And you can have it for keeps!

    All you ladies made my day :)