Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another page turned

Yesterday I went to the library and limited myself to checking-out two books, The Hunger Games and The Demigod Files.

I came home at 3:30pm.

It's now 6:24pm the next day, and I have two books to return to the library.
 That's 525 pages in eight hours, I think. And right now all I want to do is tell everyone to be quiet so I can think about them. Ha. Fat chance. I'll write what I think instead....

The Demigod Files
by Rick Riordan

The Demigod Files are a sort of...well... file of short stories and pieces that didn't make it into Riordan's original series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, plus a few bonuses like 'portraits' of some of the characters, character inter views, a map or two, and a few word games sprinkled here and there. In short, a fan guide of sorts.

To be honest I only picked it up at the library because, out of the eleven or so books of R.R.'s {Including the Kane Chronicles which I was endeavoring to get hold of}, that was the only one not checked out already, besides The Lightening Thief. Blast! These summer reading program kids always get the jump on me when it comes to Riordan's works {which happen to be huge bestsellers}. Anyway, I brought home Files because it was something, and the hour and a half it took me to read it was not at all wasted. The shorts were written in the usual humorous fashion that I love about Rick Riordan's hand the most. Though, you could tell that these were 'just for fun' and lacked some of the reality of the original series. But I'm putting it down to lack of polish. I think if he had just taken a little more time with them, perhaps tweaked them here and there, or really edited them, they would have been up to par. But, as it is, all I can say is Good, but not as good as the original, The Lost Hero, or as good as the Kane Chronicles must be...grrmuffmuff.
 So if you see this book in the library and you liked Percy Jackson, heck yeah pick it up. For even though its small and not quite as good as the real thing, its still good. Like almond bark chocolate.

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

Oh, where to start? It defied my expectations and widened my writer-o-scope on first-person story mode, to say the least.
 I've been hearing recommendations from all over -- ranging from Amazon reviews to bloggers to neighbors to friends. Everyone telling me I should read it. So for the past three months I've been trying to catch it unawares on the YA bookshelves at the library{I never go out and buy a book on recommendations alone - I have to know I'll love it} -- Unsuccessfully. Seems every other teen was camped out for the book as well, and with only one copy it's first come first serve. Well, yesterday it had just been returned. Ha ha! I had it! Though I don't imagine seeing its kin until school resumes.
 So what do I think of it? Hm.
 Writing: Superb. Collins certainly has talent, no question there, and skill, which is equally important.
  Setting: Wonderfully fleshed-out and very real. Almost too. real. Suffice it to say that after reading it and the news, I now have very little faith in the present government. Perhaps this is just a side-affect.
 The characters are beautiful and real, some of the most spot-on human writing I've read in a long time. The scenarios are frightening; the gore just enough to make you feel the gravity of the situation. The sweet endearing moments make you smile, and the playful banter can make you laugh. The whole book is an emotional roller coaster. Which is how it was meant to be and how it should be.
With all this could I have found a new favorite series? Maybe. It will have to work pretty hard to get past  The Books of Pellinor, my all time favorite, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't have a chance. gasp!

There's always something though, isn't there? In the H.G.'s case it was the whole Katniss-Peeta deal for me. I thought it a little over-excessive and felt that it was there mostly for Teen-bait. But the brilliant writing made up for it, I suppose. I might even have to go and buy these books!

Well, until I can get my hands on The Kane Chronicles,


  1. The Hunger Games.
    When I saw the words in the post, I felt a cold shiver go up my back :D From excitement, mind you.

    I could write a page-long comment!! I tend to scoff at things I don't know much about, and I did that with the Hunger Games, but after I read it...WOW.

    Don't you think the first-person/present tense works so awesomely here??

    My favorite scene was where they were giving their interviews and Katniss had no idea what angle to take, and I too thought the kissing act was wayyy overdone. But I'm curious to see what happens with Gale...

    I can't wait to read Catching Fire.

  2. P.S. Gwyn! Cleiti is almost dead! You have to do something! :D

  3. I read the Hunger Games two years ago, and I still remember it. I remember the fascinating writing style, the amazing detail, the fact that I hate Peeta (I seriously don't like him. I've read all three, but even after the first book I was just like, "GRRRR." But that's just me. Everyone else I know loves him.)

    A great series written by a great author. Definitely one to read, even if the idea is a bit... gruesome.