Friday, December 31, 2010

White is in the winter night... {also: story help?}

The color of purity. hope. salvation. rebirth and renewal.

 Looking out my window, that is all I see. White. The ground, the trees, the sky, the very air itself is dancing with white.
White is also the color of blizzards. Of relentless cold and icy wind.
 Frozen stars rarely chose to peek out upon this white country when the grey-black palette night at last comes.
 Day runs into day; hour into hour; deja vu is common place. Cabin fever, of which I am suffering, is almost mandatory.
 And it's only day two.

I have exhausted my creativity all yesterday and so today feel completely uninspired. I tried writing but that turned out nothing but frustration; as did drawing, sewing, baking, and piano. Even reading left me devoid of interest. 
 I need to move! Run, ride, climb, jump -- anything but this long, tedious sitting about waiting.... for what? For the snow to melt? I wish. 

 I have also reached a platue in both my stories. The first in my "NaNo" novel because 'Trent'{still pending} is at a modern day highschool in the suburbs of some East coast city/town. The problem? Several actually.
 1) I have nothing in common with him or his surroundings at the moment. I've only set foot in a real HS perhaps twice in my life and that was for my older brother's Out of Town basketball games. I have no idea what the classes are like - are they set up sort of like college ones? I know more about those. And what about the other kids that go there? I've heard many, many horror stories from friends of what goes on between people there, but surely they can't all be true? Aren't there some good, responsible teens left in the public system? Can you help me out, O those who have experienced it firsthand? I would really appreciate it!

2) I don't like writing modern day. I need history or fantasy! Modern is so... so... typical? real? boring. To me at least :) I'm really going to have to push myself to finish this part of my book. Soon they'll be in Palendí....

In my other book, The Legend of Skyrian, Cilla is just beginning the real adventure and is being introduced to new and important characters right and left, as well as learning a great deal and trying to forget the recent past. It's very daunting to me, the writer. I'm so excited to finely be getting into the real heart of the story, yet I'm a little apprehensive as well; This is important stuff I'm dealing with! keeps running through my mind, and I'm not ready yet! especially gets me. So I set my pen down. Sigh.
 Again, advice is most welcome.

Ah, it looks like the snow is starting to let up. Thank goodness! I thought we might get another foot today -- thought, not hoped.

Searching the interwebs for one-way ticket to Hawii,


  1. I know how it feels to have cabin fever....and having trouble with stories. Unfortunately, I'm homeschooled, so I can't help you at all! I will pray for you, however. :)

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Maybe your character could be attending a community college?

  3. Having been homeschooled my entire life, I have no firsthand knowledge of public schools beyond what I have heard from friends and what I have read in books. So, my advice is to do what you are doing {getting someone with firsthand knowledge to help you}, or you could change the story a little and have your main character attend a college or maybe have most of the story take place between classes?

    As for your other dilemma, perhaps you need to give your character an interest that you share? Or maybe you just need to have a story in a gene which you enjoy on hand to write whenever you can focus on the modern one. Either way, good luck, God bless, and happy New Year! :)