Monday, December 6, 2010

What makes it Christmas?


Just, ah.

That's what I feel like at this moment as I sit typing to you with my bandaged fingers {pinky - argument with a 5lb metal pole and solid ice. Index finger - broken Christmas light.} after a long day of Christmas decorating.
 From the time I awoke till sunset I was effectively bringing Christmas cheer into our home. Mum worked all day and had a nice surprise on her return :)
 But as I was risking my neck to put up lights above the stove and candles near the clock, a thought occurred to me; simply
what makes it Christmas?
Now the obvious answer to a similar question would be, "Well, Christ's birth, of course!" But that's not what I was asking. You can have a Christmas without the tinsel and all that, but it doesn't feel like Christmas, does it? There are certain things - traditions, foods, decorations - that you just need in order for you to feel the full effect of Christmas, aren't there? I realized that as I unpacked all our d├ęcor, each with its own special meaning. After putting every one of them in there proper places {and heavens, do we have a lot of 'every ones'!}, I decided to go on a hunt, camera in hand, to find the pieces that make my Christmas puzzle complete.
Christmas tree hunting. Tramping about in the wilderness, tracking rabbits and some kind of weasel, watching a herd of elk, and finely finding our Tree. What could be a better to start the season? The long drive up into the Hills is very much worth it.

Christmas lights... that shine so brightly and warmly. Gives one a cozy feeling just glancing their way.

Decorating the tree. Is there any more to be said?

Music. The Christmas season wouldn't be whole without it. Besides making everything more acutely beautiful, I believe music has a deep affect on our spirits; something that words alone cannot encompass.

Carmel-apple-spices and decorated coffee shops. That delicio hot drink to see before you now is the holiday spirit in beverage form. The little coffee shop where my mum works makes it exclusively. What is it? Oh, I thought I said already! Well, apple cider is a big part of it, cream too. Lots of carmel and spice. Yup, that's all I can tell you ;)

Our little glow-church. The warm lights from this little church has always greeted us merrily when we  return from Advent services in the dark of night for as long as I can remember. I love it.

The Nativity scene. One of my favorite pieces by far, my mum's Italian Fontanini figures. The stable is extra special too. Da, my older brother, and I made it as a Christmas present for Mum when I was about four or five. My job? Gathering the rocks to make the walls.

When setting these up, I try and give each character a story; like this one where the frightened lamb in the shepherd boy's arms is crying for its mother. The ewe, also bleating, I always imagined butted the boy eventually to reach her baby. :)

A portrait of Jesus. This statue isn't really part of the Christmas decor, we keep it all year round, but I think it is an important, if not vital part of Christmas, a reminder. It is after all why He was born. This statue has always fascinated me, especially when I was small. Whoever the artist is, they did beautiful work portraying the pain and sadness our Savior went through for us.

Those are all most of the things that put me in the holiday spirit. What are yours?

Ah! And concerning the giveaway I promised, I hope you all won't be upset if I delay it for awhile. With the funeral arrangements for my Grandpa and all my music gigs in the next two weeks, I'm afraid I won't be able to host until maybe the week of the nineteenth... maybe. Well, I'll get it figured out, don't despair.

But now I must bid you, all 100(!) of you, good night!


  1. Hey, my mom works at a coffee shop too! Neeto. :D

    And my most favorite things that make me FEEL Christmas are:
    Decorating the tree
    Listening to Christmas carols
    Baking cookies
    Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    I'll be praying for you and your family!!!

    Love always,

  2. I love listening to Christmas music! I also LOVE all of the baking and present making!

  3. I love those Christmas lights! Where did you get those? I have been hunting everywhere for lights like that. Elizabeth Anne

  4. Elizabeth Ann - Honestly I have noooo idea where those lights came from! ^_^ We've had them for awhile and nobody remembers. Hehe!

  5. I like

    1. Getting a tree and decorating
    2. Egg nog (I don't really LIKE IT but, it's so Christmasy :D)
    3. Music
    4. Hot cocoa after sledding
    5. Watching my mom arrange our nativity set and wind a green garland around it
    6. Christmas shopping! The hustle and bustle and Salvation Army people ringing bells :D

  6. Great post and awesome pictures! Sorry I'm so late, but Merry Christmas!