Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Owl be home for Christmas'

I had a rather owl-y day yesterday, and it all started with a hot mug of tea, freezing temperatures, and some idle creativity.

I was done wrapping presents - I only had one. But don't worry and think me a Scrooge. The rest are in the mail. At least, that's what I keep telling people... hehe.

 Sad little snowflakes fell to the frozen earth in tiny wisps; it's too cold here for big, fluffy flakes. I think I've already voiced my opinion on these present pitiful things. Anyway, as I said I had a cup 'o tea and was watching said flakes from the window when a creative bug started to stir within me. Do you ever get that feeling where you just have to make something or you'll explode? A card, some cookies - anything! That was me. Vainly, I searched the interwebs for anything that would appease my sudden artistic spasm. I thought maybe I could make something to give as a present. But just about everything labeled 'homemade Christmas' was a) hokey or b) I didn't have the materials for.
 I remembered Mum showing me the cutest little craft ever on her friend's blog, Gumbo Lily. Peeps, I'd like you to meet Meep.
My pocket-sized, hand-stitched, new friend :) 
 I had my doubts as I printed out the pattern: I have never gotten on well with needles of any kind. I faint at the thought of vaccines, grumble at my attempts at knitting, and sigh with boredom over embroidery. I haven't even picked up a needle in a year or more, pretty much because I need something more to do besides just pulling thread through cloth, even when I know the outcome will be an adorable little owl. Music, a movie, I even thought of reading while stitching, but that wouldn't work out too well. I usually lose interest after a while without these things to help me along. But this little guy only took me forty-five minutes to hour to make; clipping, cutting, stitching and all.
Everyone who's seen Meep now want me to make them one. "He's just so cute!"
 I will defiantly make more during the blizzardy months ahead, of all different sizes and colors.
 I need to craft more often, I think. Lately writing and music have completely blocked out any time or energy I used to use for drawing or card making and it's starting to burn me out on both subjects. Like now I don't even want to look at a sheet of music for at least a week. So maybe my owl is a wise owl, in a way, he kinda told me to quit focussing on just writing and playing and return to my other talents too. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with my little owl :)

Merry Christmas,


  1. Meep is so cute!!!!

    Merry Christmas,

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