Monday, October 18, 2010

A month of madness

Well, I've done it. I finely taken the plunge after two weeks of silent debating back and forth.
 I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I am now an official participant! And I'm pretty excited :D
It's my first ever year - missed last year by two weeks, darn it! - and I refuse to be daunted by all the horror stories, like, plot bunnies being devoured by ravenous dead chapters, writer's block plague, and all the many other afflictions that beset noble writers in their quests for the 50k. If there are any of those brave writers reading now, click here to visit my profile and feel free to befriend me fellow Nanners!

I've already come up with a basic story idea, though I'm going to have to put a lot of research into it. But here's the novel cover and blurb:

Yup! Joan of Arc is my new protagonist! I'm very excited to get to know her next month. Why Joan? you may ask. Well, the truth of it is I've admired her for her great faith and courage, but one thing that has bothered me about all the books I've read on her is that they are so insensitive to what she must have been feeling. Oh sure they'll talk about her bravery and honesty. But what about her fears?? I want to scream at them. Her loves? Her misgivings? After all, she was human, wasn't she? Of course! *breathe*
 Now you have a good idea why I've chosen Joan for my first NaNo. I'm afraid I don't have any excerpts or other tid bits to share with you all at the mo., but I'll stick some up as November immanently approaches.

I've seen that other NaNo veterans have survival kits and have taken their advice and put together my own. If you think I'm missing something go ahead and tell me! Any tips and advice are very welcome!

NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

1. Notebooks; fresh, new lined pages in bindings of all sizes scattered throughout my room for jotting down ideas, historical tips, etc. As well as one large one for the actual story writing.
2. My computer, Newton; for word counting, uploading, and editing generally.
3. Pilot gel pens by the dozens! I seem to write fastest and best with black gel ink for some inexplicable reason.
4. Athletic tape; for taping up my fingertips. I have a bad habit of biting my nails when ever I write
5. Chocolat! 'nuff said.
6. Tea. Nothing inspires the writer in me like a cup of old fashioned tea.
7. A clean room; free from distractions and with a lamp shedding warm light in the corner.
8. My Joan of Arc movie to keep the plot going in the right direction
9. A thesaurus - always a good idea to have laying about
10. Reference photos of clothes, weapons, housing, etc of the period. {I'v never gone in for the 1400's till now, choosing the 1100s - 1200s and Renaissance eras over the bubonic ages, so my knowledge is rather limited during that time}
11. Music. Lots and lots of music. Probably with wood winds and fiddles and maybe even bag- or ulian{or ulleann} pipes to set the mood.
12. Gloomy weather; when I'm not tempted to avoid writing by going outside{it's going to be a big problem if the weather is nice} 

So there's that! I think it's rather obvious that through next month I probably won't be posting much. I will try though! And I'll be sure and post some excerpts and other fun things as I go along. But is anyone else here participating in NaNo? I would love to hear from you!

Must dash now!


  1. Wow - good luck. Since you're not making the story up from your head alone, its gonna be way harder!! The story idea sounds great though...GOOD LUCK!!!

    I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Oh - and I agree with the tea thing. My personal favorites are mint medley (herbal) and stash Irish Breakfast ( black)

  3. I am *probably* doing NaNoWriMo! I'm so excited! Though I have absolutely no idea what to write about, and since this is my first year, the simply terrifying idea of writing so many words in so little days is horrifying! But I shall try!

  4. Added you as friend on NaNo! My username is Nash10. :) Good luck!

  5. That sounds like a really awesome plot!

    I too am considering doing NaNo... But, will I have the time? I think I'll keep debating for a week. I do have a potential story-plot. So..maybe..


  6. Yay! I'm excited you're doing it this year too! I didn't have anyone doing it with me last year. :)

  7. Yay! Joan of Arc is one of my heroes!

  8. Eeee! I am too excited. Your survival kit is very inspiring, and mine has a lot of the same things in it. I laughed when I saw the Pilot pen one; I have been outlining my NaNo novel with blue and neon pink G2's, even though those colors have NOTHING to do in the story.

    I added you as a buddy! My username is writer.from.someday.

  9. WHEEEE!!!! NaNo is awesome, I did it last year but only got to about 48 K....course, I barely started til Thanksgiving :P so you shouldn't have too much trouble....but the trouble is half the fun :D
    Try and get in an all-nighter >:D

  10. I'm doing NaNoWriMo! If anyone wants to add me - my user is RiderWriter3. Enjoy!

  11. It sounds like a great story, Gwyn! I've long considered the Joan of Arc story to be one of the most amazing events in history. Unfortunately, there aren't many (if any) historical fiction books about her, and relatively few biographies. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by Mark Twain, is a good book, though!

  12. Gwyn,

    This is my first time doing NaNoWriMo.

    (my name one the NaNo site is lantys_teddy_bear)