Friday, October 1, 2010


I sit here, with my cup of Olde World raspberry tea, and just think. Of what my life is, and what it could be in future.

 For a long time I have nursed the dream of one day having my own farm, but only recently - usually while I'm out walking - have I imagined it in any sort of detail.
 I've always wanted a giant piece of land to call home, saying I would settle for no less than one hundred acres, but now I see that as quite an unrealistic sum for someone who wishes to run a farm single-handed. To begin with I would be quite happy I'm sure with as little as twelve. As long as it is a good mile or four from other people.
 I am no lover of 'development'.
 I'm a lover of open country and clear skies completely unobstructed by ghastly buildings man creates in order to "make a name for themselves". Granted, a few of those structures are in a way beautiful. But they are never home.

I want my own home to be somewhat like my present one where the meadow lark sings its sweet golden tune from dawn till dusk and the sky has no limits.
This is my dream...
 A little blue farm house with a porch in the middle of my land, and an old but sizable barn a short distance from it. Around the barn would be the pens and shelters for the two horses, milk cow, four goats, several chickens, and the pig that I would have.
 A large garden fills the backyard next to the clothes line, all sorts of vegetables quietly growing away under the vast prairie sky. A small apple orchard lines the road down to the mail box. Perhaps there's a stream nearby as well - it is only a dream after all.
 I would of course have to have at least two dogs to keep me company through the long winter. The winter is probably the only time I would be able to write, given that I would have to keep my animals and garden going through the summer, not mentioning the regular and essential chores one must do every day.
 Writing is of course where I would get all this money to afford a farm in the first place. You see, by then my books will be finished and published. At first they will struggle along on back shelves at bookstores, but one day they will be discovered by some big publishing giant and the rest is future history... *wink* {Right. Let's see me actually sit down and finish one book first.}

The whole thing is just the product of and overactive and perhaps even overly-optimistic imagination. Some might call it a silly girlish dream. But whoever calls farm work a girlish dream clearly has never participated in it. I am a girl, true, and this is my dream, but I am in no way a girly-girl. The very word causes me to gag as pictures of pink clad Barbie-like figures dance across my mind's eye, leaving a trail of sparkles behind.
{Mini rant aside}
And somewhere... out there... my dream of owning a Canon Rebel may come true too.
 All I have to do to make that dream a reality is stumble upon about seven hundred dollars. And without a paying job.... well, they say something you must wait a long time for. A long, long time for.

"Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you
dare to dream
do come true.

 Well, it's been wonderful dreaming about my future, but what about yours?



  1. Haha. I like your thing about farmwork and "girlish dreams". You should really make that into a quote. ;)

    My future is a huge ranch with enough acreage to get lost in - an apple orchard, a corn maze, a herd of mustangs... a place for people to just stop by and make friends....perhaps practice their galloping :D

    And maybe get my autograph...'cause you know, I'm going to be a famous writer by then too ;)

  2. Good topic for a post! :) Most people can't help but wonder what their future will be like... I know I do ;)

    What I dream varies as time goes by..I once dreamt that I would marry my childhood friend, and my brother would marry his sister and we would be like sister-in-law, brother-in-law type of thing, you know :) but I doubt that would happen though, so I moved on.

    Next, I dreamt that I would live in the forest, and I would make a speicial hideout that I would live in, and hunt for myself with my bow and arrow and live off the land, but now I don't think I'll have enought courage to sleep outside in the woods by myself, so I outgrew that dream.

    Now I dream of riding a horse by myself, and breaking a horse to the saddle and bridle.

    So that's all for my dreams now. Hopefully, by God's will, I'll be able to accomplish my present dream. Take Care! :D