Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Behind The Curtain and other works of art

My goodness I've been busy! And stressed. It's no good starting from the beginning because, quite frankly, I don't know when that was. So I'll say this, about a week ago I was asked by Da who was asked by the board of the City of Presidents{a sculpture event in which my Da is one of the artists} if my older brother and I would play the introduction music for the last Unveiling{we've run out of presidents, you see}. Of course I said yes, as it is rather a big deal, but did not realize at the time that the Unveiling is Saturday. As in this Saturday.
 My brother is rendered useless at organizing anything because of his college studies, so it was all down to me. I immediately dove into our deepest music stores in search of patriotic type pieces but all I came across was celtic, celtic, and more celtic.
 I guess there is a downside to pursuing one form of music so thoroughly.
But at last I found five good ole' songs that were old enough to suit my tastes{1800's} and very American. I also enlisted the help of my extremely-talented-in-everything-including-music friend to play second harmony on the violin. It seemed we were saved. Until Monday. It was then that Da informed me we were to play for thirty minutes. I had barely enough music for fifteen. Aah.
 I'm still scrabbling to pull things together in time for Saturday, but amidst all this I found time to unwind an create my latest best artwork.
{Sorry for the poor picture quality, something went wrong...}
This was intended as a portrait of my character Cilla in her younger years {maybe at age nine or ten}  when she still belonged to the group of bards, jesters, performers, etc. {I have yet to name them appropriately}. I tried to portray how things really were behind the masks, makeup, lights, and curtains. The truth was that the life of any entertainer was hard and unforgiving, no matter their age; though their music and acts may suggest a carefree life.
 I tried to really bring out the contrasts of what you see on stage {the makeup and glitter} and the actual reality {the patched and threadbare clothes, cheap brass jewelry, and sad eyes}.
 I don't know how well I succeeded, but there you have it.

 Next is just a relatively simple sketch, yet I am pleased with it beyond sane reason. You see, it's my first ever decent horse with it's head down! It's grazing and it looks natural!! *yells for joy* At last!

I have also started yet another story. I know you must be thinking, "Gwyn get ahold of yourself!" because I am too.  Yes, I know I have yet to finish one story, but still... Let's just say I've always had a weakness for new story ideas -- I can't let them go by!
 This one I hope won't be very long so I'll probably post it here *when* I finish it :)

{For lack of anywhere to post a picture of a holy potato I post it here.}
I was peeling potatoes the other day for a stew when looky here! It's the Mother and Child! I should have put it on eBay and made a fortune, but instead I snapped this photo and then finished peeling. In short, we ate the hundred million dollars I could have made off the same guy who bought the piece of toast with what looks like Jesus' portrait burnt on it.
Apparently there's one of Mary too{right}

 Oh, well.

I hope you've enjoyed my rather strange post.
 I must go now to do battle with Sir Algebra and then rejoin Sir Gawain on his quest to defeat the Green Knight. Onward!



  1. OMW!!!! It IS! Mary looks like Mona Lisa to me :D Gee, Gwyn, you should've put the toast on Ebay...

    I love the pictures! Your horse is amazing!! And your "Behind the Curtain" is too. Good thinking. I like her mouth ;D Except she looks older than 10 to me.

  2. Love the girl you drew! It really does look like she's hurting in some way. Although I agree with Ellyn, she looks older than 10.

  3. Well, ya see, when I was drawing it my reference photo was of a girl of that age so I just went with it. And also it could be the heavy eyeshadow and lip color I added to emphasize the gloss of it all.
    Thanks for the comments!

  4. OMG. You are an AMAZING artist. I'm... well I'm working onit! ( Great job! And I'm sure you could have gotten 1 million dollars for the potato. :P


  5. Well, I suppose a ten year old actress with a hard life would look much older than a regular ten year old :)

  6. Those are so fantastic!!!! Good job!