Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You know you're a writer when...

Here's a list I made up for fun -- and from experience. Feel free to add some of yours!

You Know You're a Writer When...

  • You consider ink-stained fingers or a pencil in your hair badges of honour.
  • You drink coffee purely for the caffeine content.
  • You have at least seven large notebooks laying around with important tid-bits scribbled on their pages. You have yet to fill one completely.
  • You have several different movie soundtracks on your iPod to inspire you.
  • People look at you weird when you tell the voices in your head to be quiet "for one second!"
  • You have a a bad experience and you try to figure out how to apply it to one of your characters.
  • You bounce up and down squealing when you come across a picture on the Internet that matches one of your characters. 
  • You would rather be chased by a dragon through a tar pit than be subject to yet another writer's block.
  • You willingly share your latest chapter with a perfect stranger, but mysteriously become tight-lipped when family asks what your story's about.
  • You do everything in you power to look like your main character - from cutting hair to making articles of clothing and props - hoping it will lend you a better scope of your character.
  • You try to draw things from your story but tear your hair out when you see how miserably you've failed at capturing your imagination.
  • When it comes to a new idea, resistance is futile.


  1. Totally! Here's another one:

    When you wake up to find that your hands are covered in pen- all because of that great idea that came to you in the middle of the night and you HAD to write it down before you lost it.

  2. SO TRUE!! And funny. I love being a writer so much.

  3. Haha, these ALL apply to me, except the one about dressing to look like your character. I think I myself am a character already; and my adventures are chronicled in my diary, so I have not yet resorted to such drastic measures.

    Here's one:

    When you ask your parents for a big fat professional English Dictionary and Thesaurus for your birthday because you are tired of blinding yourself with free dictionaries on the screen.

    * I actually have asked my parents for this since my birthday is coming up. I think even they think I'm hopeless now. :)

  4. This list matches me exactly!!! Except for the one about dressing like your character, but that is only because my one of my characters is me and so we naturally are alike ;) .
    As I was reading it I could not believe how closely you nailed it!


  5. LOL Guess I'm a writer!