Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Results

  I must beg pardon for the delay - I had meant to post this yesterday at latest, but while my brother is enjoying his little vacation on the beach, I get twice the work load here. And yesterday evening I went bridge jumping with a couple of friends intending on my return to post but then a big thunderstorm moved in and our internet connection went out.

Here we go...
-The Legend of Skyrian Quiz Results-

'This is bad,' was all Cilla could think as she a Tovah dove and weaved through the stone houses. Another angry shout from behind. 'This is really bad.'
 Jax' needle like claws dug through her shirt as he held on for dear life as they hurtled around another street corner. Cilla ignored his irate chattering as well as the growing pain of the stitch in her side.
"Why did you do that?" Tovah yelled over his shoulder, never slowing.
"Well, how did I know it was the Earl of Dargent?" She yelled back as they dodged past the tanner's reeking vats. "In a shoddy town like this?" She continued breathlessly. "The contingency is almost nonexistent!"
"Yeah, well, you hit the "almost" bang on. Literally. Blimey! Sound's like they've got whole mob after us! Up here! Quick!" He ran up a stack of crates using the momentum to leap onto the thatch roof of a low house. Cilla scrambled after him just as the mob came around the corner, the Earl of Dargent leading the charge. 

Elizabeth, Dreamstar, and Olive Tree, you are most like Cilla: Mischievous, full of humor, and fool-hardy. Tending to act before thinking things through, and would rather clean stalls than go to a dinner party with "good society".

An hour later Cilla's siege army was depleted. All that was left was two battalions of foot soldiers, a small unit of horsemen, one siege engine, and a burnt out commander. 
"It's your move, you know," prompted Tovah. His castle was nearly untouched and the walls were still very well garrisoned with twig men. All of his wall mounted balistas were intact, save for two which Cilla had knocked out earlier with her "lucky siege tower". It was later left immobile by a vicious onslaught of arrows from Tovah's archers.
Cilla sighed heavily. As far as she could tell there was no possible move to take. "I'm thinking of having them all do a sacrifice charge at gate..."
"And then I will wipe them out with my tar, pitch, and archers and then..."
"And then the game will be over!" Cilla finished for him. "What a brilliant deduction!"
"Why don't you like this game with me?" Tovah asked, somewhat exasperated.
"You think to much." Cilla grumbled.

Margaret Rowena, Tessa Brooke, and Sierra, you are most like Tovah: Intellectual, logical, brave, and level-headed. You hardly ever get into scrapes, but when you do its probably because of a particular friend.

In the midst of all the bright tents, games, and sellers the child looked pathetic. He couldn't have been more than three years old. He stumbled around, tears in his big blues eyes looking through all the strange people repeating one word over and over, like it was the last thing he had left in the world: "Mumma! Mumma!"
Instantly Emy went to him and took him in her arms. "He's lost, poor child,"
"Emy..." Cilla sighed. 'Here we go.'
Ignoring her, Emy stopped the baby's crying. "Have you lost your Mumma?" She asked gently. The little boy nodded forlornly. "I wonder who his mother is?" Emy said looking around them. Cilla looked as well, hoping to see, what? A woman in tears searching for her baby? Probably. But the ever moving crowd yielded nothing. 
"Oh, come off it, Emy," Tyrell barged in. "When I was little and lost nobody ever stopped to help me."
"Yes, and see just how you've turned out." Emy said derisively. Then, in a softer tone, "Come on, baby. Emy will buy you a honey cake." and left hand in hand with the little mite.
Tyrell stared after them before turning to Cilla who just grinned, "She has a point, you know." and sped off after Emy before Tyrell could catch her.

 Ellyn and Elisabeth, you two are most like Emy: Big hearted, sweet, and kind. Preferring the quieter and simpler side of life. A good book and a warm hearth sums things up for you.

Tyrell revealed a set of silver spoons. Cilla drew back. "You didn't!"
"I did." he smiled widely.
"From the high table?"
He nodded. "You dared me, didn't you?"
"Only in jest! Just what do you think would have happened to you had you been caught?"
He shrugged nonchalantly. "No idea. But I'm going to find out."
Cilla narrowed her eyes. "You're not going back?"
"I want to see how much I can snatch out from under their noses before they notice!"
And before she could stop him, he was off.

Felicia and Vanya, you are most like Tyrell: A daring, devious wild child. But smart and brave as well. And one day{if you survive} it will serve you well.

I hope you all had fun with the quiz! I know I did thanks to all of you! I know most, if not all, of you are writers yourselves, so if you'd like to do a quiz for your characters like I did, go right on! I won't accuse you of being "copy cats" :) As long as they're your characters and your own unique questions{besides the universal ones like "What's your favorite color?"} I have no say in the matter other than I encourage you to!

Right I really have to go now! Ta ta! Gwyn

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  1. Cool!! :) I will say I think my results are accurate, but I'm definitely not as gentle as Emy seems to be :D

    And you are one awesome artist! The picture of Cilla is my favorite :)

    I will think of doing a quiz of my own..*wink wink*