Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cuttin' Time

'Tis the season to make hay!
Starting today, we are cutting the fields and raking rows. Before we cut the grass was higher than our horses' ears! Hopefully this means the 12 year drought is nearing its end. 

After the grass rows dry out we'll then bale it all to make great big rounds of hay, tied with string. The grass should dry rather quickly in this heat, and hopefully it won't rain until we get it all baled up. Wet grass equals moldy hay.
Making Hay

"...this is the moment

at the threshold of a new day when the heart
of every farmer forgets its scriptures and speaks
directly to the quiet land..."
- Unknown

It is also the time to start planning for next year.
This year all our gardens have been hit heavy by a horrible blight of grasshoppers. I don't care if I never see another one in my life. The nasty things eat up everything.
  Our lettuces, spinach, and carrots hadn't a chance. The moment they poked out of the soil the hoppers mowed them to the ground.
The tomatoes are doing fairly well - for some reason the grasshoppers leave them alone - but they still have not produced anything. In fact, the only thing that seems to be thriving are the gourds.
The bugs coupled with the drought makes this another tough year. You really have to wonder how the pioneers did it.
 But as for making plans for next year, I do believe we are going to focus more on self-sufficiency. Ducks maybe in the foreseeable future, perhaps turkeys to bring down the hopper and locust population, and even a milk cow has been mentioned{I'm not sure just how serious Da was being}. Dare I even imagine... goats
  Everything is still pretty sketchy and nothing is definite yet, but I really hope we're going to expand our livestock!

This year I must build raised gardenbeds for the north side of the house. It was my idea so I guess I build it. I'm going to look around for some old, weathered barnwood - it makes the best looking boxes. Where I can find enough for two 12' x 4' boxes I have no clue... But one must try.

Humph. Mum has just called for an orderly house so I must leave you, wonderful readers, with this last photo...

But, please... tell me your next years plans or gardening stories!



  1. LOL nice toad. :)

    We don't have much of garden here. It's just grass. :P

  2. I love the frog picture! I love how you see the reflection! :) Beautiful!

  3. I remember A Couple of years ago we planted some tomatoes and Some anonymous little fuzzy Grey Animals just HAPENED to eat them.