Monday, May 10, 2010

Sooo much better

Thank you all once again for supporting me and my family with your thoughts and prayers! It's a wonderful feeling to know some one{even if you don't know them by their real name} is out there praying for your comfort. And believe me, I felt your prayers. After the funeral this incredible sense of peace came over me, and now, I'm not sad anymore. I mean, yeah, I still get a twinge when I realize I'll never talk to my grandma again in this life. Or hear her laugh or paint with her again; but it's much easier to bear now. So thank you all.

It's raining torrents here. The pond is flooded and the normally dry creek after which my road is named after is running quite fast. I'll have to take my little brother out when it stops pouring to sail a few bark boats. And of course the dogs will love a good swim. It's a pity none of our horses like water. Besides Corona who I can't ride anyway. I love riding through streams and ponds, and someday I want to ride in the ocean :) That would be awesome.
Since we are taking a sort of break after the emotional and hectic past week{the funeral, my elder brother's graduation, music performances, homeschool group activities, and extended family visits} and because no one{I know} wants to work out in the rain all day, I'm doing my Spring Cleaning today. I've finally finished my walk-in closet and most of my room. And land sakes! I've got a bunch of junk! I also organized all my story notes, pictures, information, maps, drawings, ideas, and references into one huge binder that's zipper hardly, well, zips. :P Going through all that really got me excited to start writing again. Yay! At last I'm feeling happy and creative again.


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