Thursday, February 11, 2010

Operation take two

Hammie went into surgery for his right hind leg this morning at 8:00. Hopefully this will be the last vet visit for him for a lloooong time.
It's kinda pathetic, but I miss him already{10:11am}. He'll be back tomorrow, but still...... <:'(

On a lighter note: I started reading the Percy Jackson series yesterday; to see what the fuss is about. The library's Book 1 was checked out though, so I had to get the 2nd one. How many are there?
I see the movie is coming out sometime this year too. It looks interesting. I've always liked Greek Myths and things. Maybe I'll convince my brother to take me to it when it comes out. With my best friend, of course!

Welll.... I should go. I should be doing my math. *guilty look*
Gwyn's skiving off school again!
Newton, don't you get into this!
Later chaps!~Gwyn


  1. I'm sure Hammie will be fine and he'll be back before you know it. I'm glad the first surgery was so successful. Let us know how this one goes. :)

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  3. Thanks you gals ;) I'll be sure to keep you updated:)

    -Emma, I would love to try out for that stuff, it's a brilliant idea! However your blog's comment board is set on embedded and I can't post on those for some reason:/

  4. Hope he feels better soon!