Monday, February 15, 2010

My life: Feeding animals

That's what it feels like. It seems as soon as I get back inside I have to go out again.
This morning the water pump in the barn was frozen so that was even extra work. The hay barn doors are iced shut so I can't use the truck{inside} to feed the South pasture horses. Instead I use a cheap wheelbarrow to carry two flakes of hay at a time{eight all told} all the way to the So. pasture. And I think one of the colts fractured his leg/shoulder. And Diamond about ran me over this morning. He still thinks he's a stud, I guess.
  This is what? Day two? O.o
Good news about all that? The colts love me now, the ponies made me laugh, the cats scared me to death jumping out at me, and I got to use 4 wheel drive and power through a snow bank.
  Gotta love the country life;)

More good news!!!! This morning I got my braces off!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Freeeeedom!! I can now bite into an apple!!!!

Must go feed. Again. :) ~Gwyn


  1. Is the colt with the possible fracture okay?!

    Congrats on the braces. I've been there before. Don't your teeth feel so weird after having braces for so long?

    I hope it gets better. Feeding animals when it's so cold and frozen is no fun at all, but it's worth it in the end.

  2. The colt gets along pretty well. I think he might have fractured it last summer. I was up there once and remember them saying he had fallen into some boards...
    By now the fracture would have healed over, but since he didn't get vet work and proper phys. therapy, his joints and tendons would be shrunk so he can't extend his leg normally so he doesn't use it.
    That's my theory anyways. Nothing certain. I'm going to ask them about it when they get back. But my mum{she went to vet school} says that if that's the case there might not be much we can do <:/