Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hammie's return and Extra barn chores

Hammie is back home:D He's supposed to be groggy from the meds but he's up and kicking! The operation went well, and so, over the next few weeks/months I will be giving him PT 2x a day.
Thanks to everyone for their kind and concerned comments!

Today I start caring for our neighbor's{my friend CorgiChic's grandparents} horses and cats and chickens, too. Normally I'd be pumped and even now I can't help but feel warm inside. But the reason our neighbors are leaving for a few days is because their grandson died. So please keep them in your prayers.

  My neighbors are a retired couple who used to breed Quarter Horses, but 2009 was their last year for foals because the market for them has plummeted{one colt last year sold for only $50! And it was a papered pure-bred! It's insane}
So my duties while they're away are as follows:
  • Feed grain and hay to Diamond{their ex-stud} and water him 2x a day. I might have to clean his stall too, depending on how long they're gone.
  • Feed hay to Jack and Daniel{their evil mini cart ponies} 2x a day
  • Feed  the '09 colts grain and hay 2x a day
  • Feed the brood mares and gelding out in the South pasture hay 1x a day{they get lots of it}
  • Feed the barn cats and water them 2x a day
  • Feed the 25 meanest chickens in the world 2x a day and water them. Collect eggs without being pecked to death by Bertha{she sits on the biggest nest and you have to pry her off with a stick}
  • Do all this and your normal chores before 8:30 mornings.{Mum's been nice. Giving me 30 extra min. before school. But I'm still going to have to be out there by 6:30. At least I can drive a truck up}
So, yeah. I love it.
I'm not so crazy about the house chores, though. Grrr I hate Sat. mornings. Our 'clean the house spotless' day. Whee.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! :D Hope you enjoy it, and will remember them in my prayers.

  2. Wow, that's rough! I know the horse market has been down, but 50 bucks?! I have a registered, 7-year-old gelding Quarter Horse, and I want to sell him, but no one can afford another horse right now! What a shame.

  3. Totally agree with you! I would way prefer doing outside chores to inside ones. That sucks that Saturdays (one of your days off from school) are your clean the house day, but it's a very good habit to get into. I'm bad about keeping caught up on household chores. :)

    I'll be thinking about your neighbors. That's so awful about their grandson.