Saturday, September 13, 2014

so you think YOU have volatile weather

 These last two weeks have been wild with summer abundance. Canning, harvesting, riding, fencing (not as awesome, but still largely a summer project). It's been hot, I've been sweating and turning brown. Overall just happy to spend my days in my favorite weather, where the days are hot enough to play in sprinklers, but the evenings are crisp with the promise of orange pumpkins and yellow leaves.

Okay, I'll admit, it wasn't perfect. There was (and is) quite a bit of frustration with the fence and rogue ponies. But it's easier to look back and see only that golden sunlight on the apple trees.
(juvenile mountain bluebird)
Beautiful puffy summer clouds. Fair weather fo'ever, right?........


This is what I woke up to Thursday morning. Overnight the soft rainy drizzle that fell the day before turned into this muck. (sorry, I'm a little bitter. Last year we had eight months of snow, and I've never much cared for the stuff ANYWAY.)
 I mean, what the heck. Technically it's still summer! The henpecked weatherman assures us that by this time next week we'll be back in the 80*s, but the damage is done. My tomatoes and squash and cucumbers and beans are all dead. *sigh*
  I'm glad we got the fence done. Now the hurry to winterize the farm will really get going:
     Wood to be chopped
 (so much wood... I love fire),
        ducks to cull (we can't have two piggy males),
 hay to stack,
      chicken houses to clean, and heatlamps to install.
 I kinda hate having to prepare for the bleak months ahead in September...
 I love where I live, but there has got to be a better climate for me - like the equator :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm a bit jealous of your wonderful late summer farm activities--I've somewhat recently relocated to a neighborhood (sigh). I can't say I envy that unfortunate early snow, though! Also, I couldn't help but notice that your horse looks uncannily like one of mine (who is at my parents' house 3 1/2 hours away...), except Lucky has one blue eye. I hope for your sake the henpecked weatherman is right about next week. :)

  2. Lovely photos! Sounds like the end to your summer was amazing, snow or no snow :)

  3. Snow??! That is a sad sight....ah, I hate to see summer almost gone. On the brighter side, those are beautiful pictures of the clouds, and you certainly got a great apple crop!

  4. Aww, I hate snow too :) Getting your plants dead isn't exactly a wonderful thing.

  5. We did get an amazing amount of crab apples this year: One tree alone produced 12 gallons! Needless to say, we have apple sauce and preserves coming out of our ears... :)

  6. Aww, I'm so sorry about your plants! D: That stinks. :-/ Those are lovely apples though! I always love your photography! ^_^

    And we had somewhat of a cold front at the same time as well, but only in the form of sudden longsleeves/jacket-wearing, some rain and 40s or 50s at night, 70s in the day. So... I can't exactly complain.

    I like snow, but I only see it once every two or three years. I probably would be as sick of it as you are if it was around very often... Hope you stay warm, and good luck on your winterizing!