Tuesday, September 30, 2014

prairie rain

Here the rain tastes sweet, the air a soft hush, the grass quieted underfoot. The birds tuck in, the ducks paddle about, and the cottontails scrub their little faces.
 The geese are leaving, and the turkeys are gobbling, and I try to listen for the meadowlark's last song, not ready for the snowy silence they will leave behind.
I have drunk more tea in the last two days than I have all summer, and I can't help but think how nice it is to be cozy again.

p.s. Winterkiln post is in the works! i just have to find the all-important sheet of facts that i - err - misplaced... 


  1. You capture the wild beauty of your landscape. I love it. <3

  2. Very neat photos! I especially like the frost on the sunflowers!

  3. Woah, so pretty. The colors in these photos are just stunning.

    And that doggie is so precious!

  4. Those photo's are amazing - I especially love the last one with the dog :)

  5. Beautiful!! ^_^ (And yes, I love the dog too.)
    Love this. <3