Sunday, October 16, 2011


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Today I was nearly killed by a cat.

There I was sitting mildly on Shyanne, minding my own bees wax ... enjoying the fall air and relaxing on my bare-backed no-bridled mare ... when Kitty decides she wants up there too. So what does she do? Why, climbs up Shyanne's back leg of course!
 Shyanne tucked under and bolted, I went with her, and the cat hit the dirt.
 I love Sundays.
They're so quiet, you never know what might happen.

p.s. Did you know if you squish a gnat they smell exactly like mold? Didn't think so. Bam! The random fact ninja strikes again.


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  2. Haha, love this girly :)
    The picture is fab as well :D

  3. Ooh that's quite funny- sounds like something one of my family's pets would be caught doing!
    That picture is uttterly beautiful!

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    and follow♥ hope to hear from you!

  5. if you got killed Gwen...i would miss you that would be a tragidy...because you are such a beutiful writer...and you take wonderful photos