Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gáire Milis

le temps est venu, mes amis, quand je dois dire adieu douce pour le moment.

Tá an t-am tagtha, mo chairde, nuair caithfidh mé tairiscint beannacht milis le haghaidh na huaire.

è giunta l'ora, amici miei, quando devo addio dolce per il momento.

The time has come, my friends, when I must bid sweet goodbye for the moment.
 I'm taking a leave from Blogger and probably the Internet in general to focus on the big projects coming soon in music and school, and I want to write TLOS without the pressure of thinking I should write more Briste {which is turning into a full-time project} or work on a new blog post. I'm such a perfectionist {which I hate} that its getting to be a problem, especially when the stuff I post is not my best. Sometimes a single sentence will bother me for weeks.
 Anyway, I will be back - not sure just when - a day, a week maybe, or a month. This isn't forever.
I will still do my best to manage Cleiti, but I must give up my character Erin, perhaps to a new writer. I will also be checking my email somewhat regularly, so you can write me if you want :)
Farewell, for now. I hope the next post here on A Celtic Cowgirl tells of a refreshed me with many ideas to come.


  1. I totally agree with that quote!

  2. Oh my! Well, I'll miss your posts
    I hope you will benefit from your bloggy break, and come back refreashed and with new ideas, like you said!
    God bless!

  3. Well poo...I haven't stopped by in quite a while as we have moved and now you are taking sabbatical! Well, I know completely how it is. ;0) I will travel through later to see if you are back.