Thursday, January 20, 2011

That magic drawing book...

In response to some of your queries, here is the book I used to create Cilla.
It's a fantastic book, however, it is an advanced overview of techniques, textures, and etc. If you haven't quite mastered the fundamentals, I would suggest buying one for their more in depth and specific books first; like this one for faces, etc...

To Anora,
 I got my cursor at I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but sadly my computer doesn't like embedded comment boards :/ Anyway, there you have it!

Also, I'm thinking of having a Q&A post where you can ask me what ever questions you may have. Would you like me to?

Slán a fhágáil! 


  1. I like Q&A posts. It's always fun to read all the questions and answers. :)

    Thanks for sharing the books. They look interesting.

  2. The Q&A idea sounds really great!
    And I think I might do some book buying...Drawing has been something I really stink at!