Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, I'm happy alright

Dear readers, What you are about to see is my newest,
most- Cilla -like drawing I have ever done!!
Wacha think?

Okay, even though I practically went around my house screaming "Its perfect! It's perfect!" I can see its not. Quite. ^_^ For instance, I had planned to give her much more of a smirk, a kind of mischievous smile, you might even say. But for reasons unknown to me, the smirk-angle just would not come out. Being the chicken that I am, I was too afraid of messing it up to try and fix it.
 Her left eye I just noticed. Hm. How did it get so dark? It must've been my photo editor {I had to increase the contrast so you could actually see the whole picture - though, at the tragic loss of most of my painstaking shading.}. Oh, and yes, I did use a picture reference. My imagination has difficulty translating to paper in any form.

For so long I have been uninspired to draw anything - anything at all - that I thought I had perhaps grown out of my drawing vein and branched into different forms of art; namely, the written word. I did not want this to happen, but the more I scribbled it seemed the more I failed. Eventually I shut my sketch book for a month, a big blob of sadness and frustration forming in me when ever I looked at the thing.

For Christmas my older brother {also an avid artist. Yes, it does run in the family} received a first-rate drawing book on how to draw faces and make them look realistic. The teacher/author at fist glance through the book seems vague in his instructions and trade secrets, but when you are working with it as I was today, it is just the right amount of info at the right time. It gave me enough know-how to get me through the stickier places {except for the nose. I could have used a lot more help there} but plenty of space to bushwhack on my own. I had a great time doing it too. Such a great time in fact, that I was surprised to look at my clock and see the glowing numbers 3:48pm, having started at about 1:15 or so.

 I am so glad this drawing worked out for me! for many reasons:
One: I know I can still draw
Two: I know I can still learn
Three: I finely have a picture of Cilla!!

For some of my newer readers who may not be acquainted with my main story heroin, simply click the link on my sidebar Posts on The Legend of Skyrian. She's in there.

Well, tis supper time here so I must go. But please, constructive criticism is always welcome!


  1. It's beautiful! I love her eyes and mouth and her expression.
    I know what it's like when you think you can't draw and then you draw something! It's like breaking news, everyone must share the thrill of it!

    Keep it up nothing helps more that practice as I have found! :D


  2. Congrats! It looks good:) Oh, and I left you an award on my blog:)

  3. I have two things to say
    a) wow! I though some of my drawing was okay, but mine is FILTHY RAGS compared to your AWESOME drawing. =)
    b) How did you get those little cursor of the horse? I think my horse blog would really look cool with it!
    PS. If you could tell me how to do the cursor at my blog, it would be easier for me to know when you commented since I am not the most avid blogger.
    YOu don't have to, but I'd enjoy it.

  4. Ahh! Love it! I have never been able to get the faces of any of drawings of my characters right... but your Cilla is so pretty! Congrats, Gwyn!

  5. *faints*

    Oh. My. Goodness.


    THAT IS SO TOTALLY AMAZING! Whoa, whoa, whoa. If I drew something like that, for sure I'd runnin' around like a maniac screaming my head off! Psht, I'd be runnin' all over my whole TOWN! (lol, it's small, I can do that) You are an amazing artist, and an inspiration to me! =D (


  6. P.S. I want to steal that book! Lol, not really, but what is it called and who is it by?


  7. Excellent job! I can't draw people to save my life, so it seems, but you have a gift. Trust me, people are the hardest thing you could choose to draw. How long have you been drawing?

    And don't worry, your painstaking shading is still there to see! You just need to know where to look. . . or to have an artist for a sister.

  8. That is awesome. Ii can't draw....wish I could. But, that, that is so realistic! (love her eyebrow!)

  9. Great job!! I can really see Cilla in there.
    (And I'm not even the author of your book...hmmm...)

    I'm with Autumn - can you give us the book title and author?

  10. That drawing is awesome!!! I wish I could draw faces that well, but for now I simply have to find pictures for my characters.

  11. Wonderful job Gwyn!! She's beautiful!!! She fits Cilla exactly as I had imagined her! :-)

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!