Saturday, December 13, 2014

christmas and candlelight

The most wonderful time of the year.
- Digging out the good old Christmas cds, dusting off the stereo and Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas
- Waiting for a day of non-sub-zero temperatures to ferry all the Christmas trimmings from storage to the house (not hard this year when yesterday was 60*)
- Tweaking the nativity figurines a dozen and one times
- Hot chocolate is always on the shopping list
- Little helping hands and a large pitcher quench a thirsty tree (... and the carpet...)
- Stockings hung by the fireplace with care
- Innocent, wondering eyes reflecting the light of the Advent wreath
- Shopping the local boutiques for just the right gift, Blackbird coffee in hand
And every where the gentle glow of candles that whisper - not shout - the underlying hope of the season: He's coming!


  1. I love that first picture!
    I enjoy Christmas for all your reasons above as well. That last line was beautiful :)

    1. Aw, thanks :) Isn't Christmastime just the best?