Saturday, July 27, 2013

actually finishing something wk 4

Week Four Questions
How goes progress?
Better than last week, but not so good as the week before.

Do you have a Pinterest inspiration board, or other collection of images, that inspire your story? If so, share one or two of them with us.
Why, yes I do! here's the LINK to my TLOS board, but these are my favorites....
i would love this as the cover for book 1 because it's just so perfect!
How would the main character of your story react if she were introduced to you?
Even though (or perhaps because) we share some personality traits, I'm sure she would be singularly unimpressed with my comparatively simple and uneventful life. And perhaps my lack of impulsiveness.

Introduce us to one of the secondary characters in your story. 
I'll introduce you to Tyrel. He's freckled, clever, selfish, silly, and because of his red hair and thin frame, I believed I describe him for the first time in my book as looking like a flaming matchstick. I thought at first that he would be kind of the clown of the bunch, happy-go-lucky inspite of things, a source of entertainment. He's actually much more of a beast, which surprised and alarmed me, at first. Not to say that he's mean spirited - he's not. He just looks out for himself before others, always. I've just realized while writing this, that a lot of books romanticize this way of thinking and often give it in trait to their hero, as a branch to the Independence movement, I suppose. While it may work for them, Tyrel's story is going to be the reverse side of the coin. There's a price to saving you own skin, one that someone dear may have to pay.

If one of your characters were allowed to choose a super-power, which power would he most desire? 
I think Tovah would choose Timelord (your argument is invalid). There are many things he would like to go back in time to change. Many.

We're nearing the end of this summer challenge! Is the completion of your goal in sight?
Oh, that depends :/ I'm not quite sure how long some of my more important scenes will have to be. If I can keep them tight and trim and to the point - maybe, just maybe I'll make it. Maybe. *meep!*

-That's all I have time for if I want to catch up today!-

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