Saturday, June 29, 2013

hello again

Just thought I ought to say hello and send you all some pictures!

if it were a sunset (instead of a sunrise) it would be straight from the set of Gone With the Wind, no?
This whole month has been a bit of a blur. Poor, poor Momma has been ill in bed for most of it as a result of her last chemo treatment. Thank goodness it was her last. She's still very unwell even today, more than three weeks later.
 In other bad news, Fia, the grey mare we took in last Fall, caught a hind leg in our neighbor's barbwire, tearing it up badly on the front of her hock. We have done all we can, bandaging her up (there wasn't anything left for stitches) and slathering everything with anti infection salve, keeping her on Bute (painkiller), etc. Now we're waiting to see how she heals. I want to be optimistic, but the hock is a busy intersection of tendons, nerves, and just about everything important. As deep as her wound was, I can't see a way that none of that was severed.
It's rather disheartening when you realize that three of our four horses are now lame (Shyanne & Wilber we can't figure out why, despite numerous vet trips), and one of our two ponies is missing an eye. Which really isn't that big of a deal, considering she's doing just fine. Though, she may steamroller you if you're on the wrong side :)

Well. That was all very cheery. But it gets better:
 //The flowers are blooming & my gardens are growing (we might actually get some potatoes this year!). And strangely all our fruit trees have fruit on them - even the peach tree has fuzzy little nobs! this.never.happens!!!!!
 //My nephew just reached his 7 month birthday, and it's my favorite when he laughs.
 //Little Brother and I have been jousting on the ponies, and yes, we really do have padded lances and try our best to biff one another off. So far the score is in my favor - LB needs to work on his knight/steed communicating skills. ha.
//Big Brother and I dusted off our pistol bullets for the first time this year and had a mini gun show last night. He shot the Ruger Blackhawk (think cowboy-looking piece), and I shot the snub .38 special. It's my favorite because it's small, about the length of my stretched out hand, and it's a challenge to shoot well (because the barrel is so short you loose accuracy). But it and I get along very well and have some holy targets to prove it.
happy weekend, everyone

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