Saturday, March 9, 2013

the only north star i'd follow this far

The very first and foremost, I am so grateful for all of you who left notes on my last post with prayers, Scripture verses, and encouragement. What a comfort it is to belong to the loving Christian family, and to feel that love through your prayers. Prayers that have been sorely needed.
Unlike I thought before, Momma has to undergo chemotherapy after all, for though her cancer was early, it is the most aggressive type and has a chance of recurring, in which case there is no cure. It is just a sliver of a chance, but one that we will not risk. She had her first chemo treatment yesterday, so I ask for your continued prayers because the side effects are brutal.
 Satan seems determined to fracture my family, whatever the cost. And though the ship quakes and the sails tear in the violent storm, we refuse to sink.
The devil may be in the barnacles that cling to our hull, the sharks that circle in hopes of failure, or even the merciless tossing brine itself, but Jesus is the captain, God our destination, and Holy Spirit the trade wind that will guide us to the harbour on that eternal shore. (here end my nautical metaphors :)
Then Jesus arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.
 But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? Have you still no faith?"
mark 4:39-40 nkjv
Last weekend Momma, Little Brother, Sister & Baby, and I all traveled down to Colorado to visit my grandma whose health is failing, before Mum started treatment. We only got to spend one day with her and my Aunt, but it was good.
 A few of our side adventures include driving around lost in a city for two hours in search of a certain hotel (that turned out to be on the other side of town). Settling instead for the first hotel we could find, experiencing Duck Dynasty for the first time (what the..?), and not-sleeping thanks to the college basketball party arriving next door. If there was ever a time I wanted to pull a Batman (scale the wall, bust through the glass and start beating those rats in jerseys with a blunt instrument) it was then.
Meet Charlie, the newest addition to our menagerie. Nine weeks old, this little Mini Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown practically fell out of the sky into my Momma's arms. It was quickly decided that she required this little fluff ball for therapy :)
I really regret not being able to post more often, but the simple fact is I have no time anymore. I miss writing and editing photos for the little audience I have. I miss a lot of things I used to do and take for granted. Like riding (haven't ridden in a month - hoping the weather will give me a window today). Like finishing a book. Like writing more than a paragraph in TLOS at 12:30am when I finely get to go to bed.
 My days consist of caring for my nephew, house training an ornery puppy, and an endless amount of housework (Respect for Momma status: ALREADY HIGH to NEEDING NEW CHART). I don't mind all that stuff (well, maybe Charlie's incontinence). But all day nearly every day is hard.
 However, I am growing and adapting, and am challenged to carve out my true priorities and discover how hard I'm willing to work for them.
Today is my first day off where it is not blizzarding (just ridiculously windy) and I don't want to waste it, so I shall
 bid you all a fond adieu.


  1. I'm still a devoted follower despite the waning frequency of posts! I enjoy what you write and always look forward to more. We've all been there, where there just aren't enough hours in the day to get all we need (and want) to get done. Just gotta pick your battles carefully I guess, and be focused a motivated (both things I struggle with). All the same, glad to hear from you once in awhile! We're here if you ever need anything.

  2. Also, the title sounded very familiar, and I realized it's from an Owl City song (Galaxies); not sure if that was intended or not, but great song!

  3. Please do not worry about blogging right now! You have a lot going on that is plenty more important to take care of! I am soooo sorry to hear that your mother had to have chemo. My family has had your family in our prayers and will continue to pray for you all. I hope you do not mind, but I would love to share another scripture that helped my Mom when she had to have her surgery.....the scripture is Deuteronomy 1:30
    We will continue to pray for you all and I hope that when this is all over instead of Satan winning, you and your family will have grown even closer to each other than before.
    May God bless you all today!

  4. I'm so sorry your mom has to do chemo. :( I will continue to pray for you all. I think the adorable puppy must be such a blessing for her. :)