Thursday, January 24, 2013

an ode to pete

pete in the snow
pencil & watercolor
a 'pete the pony' watercolor in its early stages

trying my had a various styles: cross-hatching, line, and dot shading. pencil, ballpoint pen, fine felt-tip.
corona & cokie
 a birthday present to their momma, my sister.
I love my little Pete the Pony sketches. Usually drawing brings out the perfectionist-of-the-worst-sort in me, but somehow Pete has always been my friend on paper. I don't know how but he always turns out just right - so unlike my other drawings!


  1. these are amazing, Gwyn! wow! :) great job... you are so talented. horses are my favorite thing to draw. ;)


  2. You are very talented.

    Sounds like you have some Irish blood in you. I am half Irish and half German.

    Slante (I believe this means "to your health").

  3. are entirely too clever. Pete reminds me vaguely of Tasha Tudor. Does he have a story-life of his own too?

  4. Songbird: Tasha Tudor (my favorite painter!) is indeed one of my inspirations, along with Jan Brett and her pony Fritz. I don't know if you grew up with Fritz and the Beautiful Horses? If not than it's not too late! He remains a staunch favorite character of mine, and I'm sure he and Pete would be good friends :)

  5. You are super talented! I love them!