Monday, December 17, 2012

resolve and conquer!

So this is me feeling like a sheepish loser....
 I muchly regret letting my blogging career careen in a downward spiral this year by posting few and far between, and missing completely some great events that have happened that I would like to look back on in detail someday. Because blogging to me has always been about recording (journalling never did fly with me), and more than that, the sharing of thoughts and sometimes struggles that don't always get a sympathetic audience in 'real life' (as in writing. I'm burdened with the bushwhacking enterprise of being the first and only writer in the family. hurray.).
 The reason for my increasingly sporadic posting, perhaps due in part to the fact this year hasn't been particularly kind, I think also is because somehow my mind has warped sitting down and designing a post into something oozing green and loathsome. Case in point: finally getting round to writing up my Charleston trip. I was supposed to write all those up and schedule them to post automatically throughout the week, but as you can see that didn't quite happen. *facepalm

 Having now looked at my problems and shortcomings in the face, I wish to resolve them, and that means a change is in order.
 I have less time about myself nowadays (mostly because I have two new family members! A nephew, which you know about, and a dapple grey mare, which you don't. yet.) so I move to have shorter but more frequent posts. And not all of them have to hold coherent meaning :)
 The posts I like reading best on other blogs are the ones with pictures that tell a story and a little blerg of words at the bottom that end with a Happy Monday!, or whatever the day happens to be. And that, I have decided, is what I want to be more like. I think it will be more enjoyable not only to write, but for others (including my future self) to read as well.

 So here's to the defibrillation of A Celtic Cowgirl,  and a future full of words and pictures.
 happy monday!

p.s. The Charleston posts will go ahead as planned as I have long told various friends and family members that I would have a place where they can read about it and see the pictures all in one place.


  1. Can't wait to see your idea worked out. ;)