Thursday, August 23, 2012

water feature

The best advice I'd ever heard given about photography was really simple: the time-honored 'think in thirds'.
 The best advice I can give as a young photographer? That I would have to say is really know your camera.
But who among us has time to actually read the manual? Who among us would actually read the manual, given the time? Not I, for certain. Oh, sure, I might give it a glance or two when I first open the box to make sure I got the lens on straight, but after that? I'm defiantly a more trial-and-error kind of learner. That being said, lets talk about shutter speed....
If you've got any sort of camera at all you have to try this. Just take an hour or two and find yourself a river or fast flowing creek and just play with all your features; ISO, aperture, manual focus, and of course shutter speed. I guarantee you'll be jumping up and down with each discovery.

Then come home with a thousand and one edits to make, and hundreds of uploads to infest your friends' Facebook home pages. So worth it.
 Ah, but speaking of a thousand-and-one edits, yesterday I realized I hadn't uploaded any photos from my camera to the computer in almost a month so.... I'll be scheduling a few posts so as not to drown you in pixels in one fell swoop of a post.


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