Wednesday, July 18, 2012

time marches with the vegetables

Our first fruits! Two bright and cheery little cherry tomatoes.
the corn so tall and the beans so... bush-like.
baby cucumber
I really am not one for eating veg; I like carrots and occasionally the odd leaf of lettuce. But I must say that fresh cucumber and lemon and lime slices in ice water is the best thing since someone decided to put frosting on a cake.
it's hard to believe that our squash plants were just seeds a month and a half ago. Now they're great, spidery monsters taking over half the garden and churning out foot long summer squash like a machine. I do believe we'll have to get creative in the kitchen if we're to keep up. Or we can do what (I think it was) my grandma did and leave the mountains of extra squash and zucchini on the surrounding neighborhood's door steps in the dead of night.
On the weekend LB and I headed to the park with a bunch of my friends for the first annual event of 'Chalk in the Park'. I was actually surprised by how many people turned out, for as small as town is. There were two hotdog vendors and everything! 
Anyway, we requested two sidewalk blocks (128 square feet gah!) because we had a Plan.
 Complete and entire landscape in fine detail. Above is a small part of my contribution - Llyod's Llama Farm. I was in charge of all the farms (I also did an Al's Alpacas later on) and animals, and I had a lot of fun with me llamas and alpacas.
little brother chalked us an awesome mount rushmore under some equally awesome fireworks.
 i never got a photo of the whole thing completed - kicking myself - but we ended up winning in our category, so six and a half hours baking on the pavement were not for naught.



  1. oh my gosh, Chalk in the Park, that is AWESOME. I want to do it. :P

  2. Cherry tomatoes are the bomb!! That's all I eat out of our garden. =)